Relationship to Hellish People

(TOK Dodatek 10 Cislo 39)

     Together with getting to know Supergod, my relationship toward Hellish people has improved very slightly. Before, I was against them almost fully, say out of 85%, but today "only" out of 75% (in view of circumstances, normal people should be against them at least out of two thirds, which corresponds to calculations).

     "This kind is important for a short section and in the total sum we are lost without it. It is here to serve the total calculation, in order for us to live forever. But it only represents the minority of our interests, it has the minority of our character and only our minority favor. At first, we use it for a while with a calculation to its prosperity and then with a calculation to its decline. And then we terminate it and we will repeat it in the same way in the next cycle of transformation of the core of our Ball."

     Here is a picture of the hierarchy of spiritual kinds in our Supergodly Ball. It is little wrongly, but my knowledge of this hierarchy is so low, that I still have to present it like a "subject to change".
     On the picture there is a "character of Supergod" in a form of an oval, in which left half there is a worse part of his personality and in the right one there is the better one. The arrow pointing upwards is an axis, displaying the range of the hierarchy of spiritual kinds.
     The non-interrupted line across the axis marks the half of this hierarchy and the interrupted line somewhat higher means a very important boundary. For above it there starts a more perfect construction of bodies, longevity and real wisdom.
     Normal human souls seem to be low, but in extremely favorable circumstances their knowledge can get developed as far as the interrupted line. In such a case in the beginning of their spiritual way they are lower than ordinary Hellish people, but, paradoxically, in its end they can find themselves to be somewhat higher.



     Author's comment: Hellish people are not suitable subjects for the experiencing of Supergod. They are coarse and a diversion to the left. They do not manage to release fully (= by the root) from their Collective (that they are dependent on) and "merge" with a "higher I" of the Owner of this Ball. I believe, that normal people have bigger endowments for this.

     (Maybe a range of Hellish people will pretend that they have experienced Supergod in them, but do not believe it. That figure within them does not manage it. There is a piece of a coarse, dull vibration & structure that simply does not make it possible.
     And one more thing: Who manages it he does not have any excessive need to talk about it with some lower subject & fragment. Therefore do not give a damn to all who will talk big about how much they are experiencing Supergod.)

     The higher spiritual kind the greater its knowledge of this Ball. Godly beings have it more or less complete, intermediate beings only have a preview of it and low beings do not have it at all.