Praying to God

     What I will write here is a simplified and limited description of my personal impressions.
     If man wants God to "hear" him, he usually tries to connect with him by means of praying. But what does it really mean to connect with God?
     The man must "tune up himself in to God", which means to reach such vibrations of his conscience that become compatible with "corresponding part of God's complicated personality" that can "hear the prayer".
     But now I will tell you one secret, which is what would happen if man really has tuned up himself in to God:
     As soon as man is tuned up in to (the higher self of) God, he - metaphorically said - becomes him a bit, which means that he starts to wish the same things like God wishes. It means, that even if it was the future unhappiness of his mankind, he suddenly agrees with it and wants it too. If he did not want the same things like God, he could not be connected with him.
     However, when the same man releases himself from the God's reality and returns back to that of human, only then he starts to want the fulfillment of his original human wishes again.
     Another option during praying, a compromise, is to connect to some "lower part of God's complicated personality" and/or to some corresponding intelligent stream & reality of his, but you cannot ask of the highest things, because it does not use to fulfill the biggest wishes.
     All the creatures want God (= consequently Supergod) to give them and/or to their kind greater prosperity and well-being. However, when you think of asking of this, you must know the following:
     Above all, the Supergod's Ball is here to serve its owner - Supergod (the God of all the Gods). So that all the various spiritual & material kinds are here more because of him than he because of them!
     And remember this: No one can successfully ask the Highest One of a higher amount of his subjective happiness than which is predestined for him! To ask him of more is useless.
     Apart from it, sometimes God - if he wants - can connect with some creatures and then let them pray to him and answer them. Sometimes God can play with them even in this way.
     Some are supposed to pray and not to be answered at all; some are supposed to pray and to be answered partly; and some are supposed to pray and to be answered fully. Never forget that God has created many diverse paths that we are supposed to walk along. Some are shorter and some longer, some more pleasant and some more painful.
     In conclusion, there is one good thing worth mentioning that sometimes uses to happen: People ask God exactly of what he has predestined for them to be given. In such a case their wish is in a full agreement with the God's wish: People pray and God answers :-)


     By the way, individual prayers - that is praying alone without other people - are better than those with other people. And better is also when you are not listened to by other people during your praying.
     In the end, there is the most important thing of all: Pray for what is called "The Second Coming of Jesus Christ". Ask him to come! All the prayers for any help to the most suffering human souls are less important. When he comes, it will solve all.


     Legal disclaimer: The text placed on this educational web site only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.