The Preservation of Own Self, by Means of Family and Children

(Version 1.1)

     You are and you want to be further on for as long a time as it is only possible. But because your body lives shortly (by the way, in many cases neither your soul lives very long), you try to continue by means of your children who carry a piece of your personality in them.
     First of first let you realize, that the higher the spiritual creature is, the more precisely it needs to arrange everything to meet the needs of its own self. If compared to clothes, as a human being you are often satisfied even with that that were not "made to measure" specifically for you. For example, a pair of socks. It can be fit for many people with the range of size e.g. 43-46. However, if the pair of socks was to be made for the higher spiritual being, it would require its size much more precisely than we humans do, for instance 44,0027064090540201307601. But how is it related to the preservation of own self by means of family and children?
     Please, first let me say something about marriage. Which of you has the change to get to know all the potential partners of opposite gender to be allowed to choose the most suitable one of them all? As a rule, young people only get to know a limited number of other young people and they choose one of them to start a family with, without being sure that he or she is the best one.
     Surely, often they have no idea that there can be someone who would be fitter for the marriage with them than the one who they have married. But what can they do about it? Only some are destined to have the most suitable partner and to be realized in the relationship with him or her in an ideal way.
     By the way, I believe that better is when the married couple does not use a double bed and when every one of them has own room, in which he or she sleeps alone without the other one. Sleeping in one bed every night can cause the two to tire of each other, whereas when they will sleep & spend their private time separated in two rooms, they will rest from each other and the more they will be looking forward to spend some moments together again. Then the lying in one bed and in one room will cease to be an ordinary affair and it will change into something uncommon and precious.
     Personally, I believe that Hellish people, many marriages of which are of convenience and not of true love, do not become as much tired of each other by the use of the double bed as normal people do, who experience their human relationship more deeply.
     But back to children. When you have got some, thanks to them you are allowed to realize several main needs of your self: 1. You gain the feeling that by means of them you continue, that there will be you further on; 2. Due to your children you are allowed to experience a special kind of love that you need; 3. You are integrated in the human society like the majority of other people & families who have children like you do.
     However, now I have to add that the above-mentioned higher spiritual creature would not fully be satisfied with having children like we people do and do you know why?
     Children do not fully preserve the individuality of their parents, only partly. In fact, they do not make their parents live further completely. During generations, the descendants should gradually display the traits of their ancestors somehow, but their personality won't fully be present in any descendant. And to preserve the own personality fully is the main thing that does matter to all the high spiritual creatures.
     Despite it we can support the positive conclusion that you as a human being live further by means of your children, but only in a limited & incomplete way. However, it is still better than nothing!
     Of course, the higher & more complete spiritual creatures would hardly be satisfied with such a way of the "preservation" of their own self. They would not want to be dying like people and then their self - dismantled, modified and mixed with strange qualities - let only continue in the imperfect way in their descendants - different individuals with different selves.
     I guess that I will be close to the truth if I will claim, that who is most perfect and complete, he does not have any need to have some descendants. He only wants to preserve his own self.


     Now let us realize what our self in fact is, in other words what makes us what we are. It is our entire micro structure and we are only preserved when this structure of ours (more exactly its main values that characterize it) is (more or less) unchanged. If it was changed (to such an extent that does not match the main values characterizing it), it already is not us any more, since different structure means different creature.
     The perfect way of the preservation of our self is to know our ideal age and ideal state of health at that age, which means the exact position of all the micro particles that we consist of in this ideal condition of ours. And to keep ourselves in this condition and if we get out of it, to return back to it as soon as possible (in case of Supergod by means of a closed reality, in which he regains his ideal shape back).
     However, as somewhat lower spiritual creatures, we normal human souls & normal people cannot preserve our self in this perfect way. We can do that in two limited ways only, first by the preservation of our soul (usually "Safe Dying" & the development of good qualities to get to Heaven after death) and second by means of having children of our own.
     When we speak about our soul only, none of our descendants will have the same one like we do. But because there is some relationship between the body and the soul, one has some influence upon the other. That is why the souls of our human descendants, modified by the influence of their body that inherited the traits of our personality, can display a very little bit of the qualities of our soul.
     And, in conclusion, there is one more way how to be further on. Even if you had no children of your own, but you have influenced many other people who then changed in the way that they have started to display some traits typical of your self, by means of this you continue a little bit as well.


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