(Version 1.1)

     It would be useful to say a couple of words regarding an orgasm, a so-called "sexual climax". I will try to explain who we are, what an orgasm in fact is and why we experience it.
     Like I write in my book "Supergod", we are by-mathematics-calculated and artificially created subjects, existing inside of a closed reality. We are distinguished by a relatively-narrow spectrum of emotions, which however have a high intensity.
     Apart from all sorts of possible things, each of us has a "projected" micro-piece of Supergod inside of him, which is however modified, mainly by "extension", that is additional percent, added to its real value, that compensate the loss, arising by the transfer of energies between the subject and Supergod.
     As it results from the introductory information, many subjects are built the way to experience a narrow scale of more or less intensive emotions. And it is related to sexuality and in the end to an orgasm, too.
     In order for me to explain their principle comprehensibly, I will simplify all very much. The essence of people (now I only speak about those normal and not about the Hellish) corresponds to a certain piece of the material core of our closed reality. If you have divided it by the number of people, as the result there is a matter corresponding to a human having the traits of both genders.
     But if people were like that, they could not transform in the required way the corresponding part of the material core of our closed reality by means of their feelings and emotions, not even renew in the desirable way the corresponding pieces of Supergod's spiritual body. For to be able to do the both, they need sexuality.
     It is a so-called "root diversion from the original center", which is a modification of the model of the original androgynous & sexless human by the magnification of a part of the traits of his root and at the same time by the weakening of the remaining.
     The result is a "root surplus" on the one hand, on the other hand a "root deficit". It is the cause of a desire for a root exchange with a person of an "opposite root diversion", that is opposite gender, most often by means of sexual intercourse with him. Thanks to the high intensity of the root energy exchange and likewise to the constitution with above-mentioned "extension", that is "extra percent", in the end this exchange in people (most often sexual intercourse or various erotic plays, focused on sexual satisfaction) can result in a "positive root energetic tremble", which we call orgasm (that uses to be very intensive, but only shortly-lasting).
     Although it can also be reached without assistance of person of the opposite sex (for instance onanism, sexual intercourse with person of the same sex or with an animal as the result of sexual deviation and other causes), but in such a case the orgasm is not the component and result of heterosexual positive root energy exchange between two people of the opposite sex, like it should ideally be.
     Surprise, Supergod himself does not know anything like an orgasm and that in the sense that he does not reach any, ever, and neither he wants to reach it. And do you know why?
     For accordingly to him, orgasm is a nonsense and, moreover, even a very dangerous one. He only uses it in the subjects of his closed reality, by means of which he is renewing himself to stay eternally young. But he himself can never reach it, because it would disturb the integrity of his spiritual body and so it would deprive him of the whole eternity. Shortly, he who lives eternally does not use to reach an orgasm. Despite it, in total he feels better than those, who use to reach it.
     In my video "Stesti, matematika a moralka z pohledu Superboha" I spoke about pleasure in a reasonable extent and about a reasonable, eternal happiness. Orgasm - during which strong root positive energetic discharges run through the subject - results in a few moments of extreme pleasure, but after it (in the subject's material and spiritual existence) there are lots of much worse moments and if we have added up all that, in the majority of time we would get approximately to a neutral value. As for the rest, the value would be more often negative and less often positive.