One Name's Story

     One Name's Story: (translated excerpt from "Degenerace psiho rodu")

     There was an old man who used to have a very big and dangerous dog long time ago that was capable of taking down any human in the course of several seconds. Years were going by, modern time and modern people wanted to have good dogs and also this man had at last stupidly adapted to this even more stupid vogue as well as many other did and he started to breed companion dogs. Everything about them seemed to be fine and easy-going. Everything till the day when a couple of bad guys have come for him, and the low power and soft heart of his companion dogs could not have stopped them. And so before the man died, his memory has belonged to the only creature in the world that could have saved him and his mouth was mumbling the only one name. It was the name of the terrible dog that he has had then, when he was young, the only unstoppable beast that would overpower all the guys and would save the wretched life of its master.
     Do you also want to be like this man? Do you want to be dying without sufficient protection, too? Please consider who you will choose for your protector and how you will train him. It should be one of the elected breeds that I have listed here and trained by the way that I have described. Some of you can say that they cannot dare to have any problems with a too sharp dog. However, when a real enemy will come for you, can you afford to die?


     Our famous "Trocha do mlyna" again: "As well as the atheist begins to pray when he is attacked by the gipsy, so is noble the idea, that man in a tight corner will remember the greatest power that will become his armor and spear. Everyone says to himself: it cannot happen to me. Many people even think that it does not use to happen. But then the moment will come, "when the chips are down" and there is nobody to help. And he who wants to help does not have power (meaning companion dogs - comment). We are a grain of sand that realizes the high value of old breeds of dog, their faithfulness and loyalty. Therefore the two of us are friends.
     Old pastoral breeds of dog
(meaning large Ovcharka-type of dogs also known as livestock guardians or big Wolfhounds - comment) not spoiled by a civilizational illness in the name of humanization are a direction not backward, how many people think, but neither forward. They are a balance of our situation, a point that the weak can lean against. As a matter of fact, they are the top. It is not true that we always have to go to somewhere, we can already stop and begin to perceive and enjoy." The reason is that we have already found those, who are the best of all!


     There are serious psychological reasons why the dog should be completely people-aggressive. Imagine a man that sees his girlfriend how she is kissing other man. And do you know how much it can hurt him, how his feelings of love are injured and how he feels betrayed? And the dog owner can have similar negative feelings when he sees how his dog lets himself be fondled and fed by the enemy. But when it attacks him in all circumstances, only then it is the true friend who is only faithful to its owner and only takes his side. Therefore let these dogs be as much aggressive as possible toward all the strange people and in all circumstances!


     Believe that some enemies can use such a psychological attack on the dog owner, when they strive to touch his dog, stroke it and/or give it some dainty. They can do slow movements, they can have a bitch in the heat, small dog or it can be within the group of people. Shortly, they do not tease the dog at all and if it behaves normally and is normally trained, it probably won't be aggressive toward these enemies and through this it betrays its owner in a way.
     An experienced Hellish man was talking as if a normally-trained utility dog including normally-behaving Wolfhound does not mean any big obstacle. Dogs have a social feeling and weak places and who knows them well, he can abuse them in order to deceive the dog.
     Example: One man has seen how my dog is on alert on many places and how it wants to attack strangers. But there was a place, where there were quite a few people around us and where I regularly used to restrict the aggression of my dog a bit. That man came over to me at the only place, where my dog was not already on alert that much and when he made a bigger movement with his hands, my dog did not attack him there, although at other places it would.
     Therefore wise enemies try to find such a weak place in order to deceive the dog. There is but one solution: Absolute dog's aggression toward all strange people and in any type of situation!


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