Never Trust Any Friend

     When I was a boy, one woman had bought a Rottweiler puppy from us and there were several suspicious things about her:

     1. Despite living alone almost in a lonely place, she wanted such a dog that will let strangers touch and feed it and that will never bite anyone. Paradoxically, she had bought a Rottweiler that, at those times, was known as a much people-aggressive dog.

     2. Despite having a small income and somewhat greater expenses, which it would hardly cover, she even managed to save up. However, she did not have the money in a bank account, but in the drawer at home. And her home, locked by a very simple door lock, was guarded by dogs taught that they must not bite anybody and they can accept goody from everybody.

     3. She had a yellow car and to my memory, she was preferring a red jacket.

     4. Her father was a senior consultant and the uncle had emigrated to the foreign countries where he had caught on.

     Then there was the period of time, when a car was slowly passing me by, when I was walking up the hill and the fire of Hellish energy had streamed from the eyes of its drives and it had fallen on my trunk that was burning then; when a man had looked at me, around who there was a smoke (like when little devils come in the fairytales) and the Hell opened, once there was even a little devil seen in it; when the story happened to me, about which I talk in video "Par starych prihod..." etc. At those times, I did not have wrong impressions yet, but in these years after "fields", gases and drugs I already do.
     Only then many people were sent to pretend before me that they are Hellish. And I was supposed to look like a crazy person to whom it only seems that he sees Hellish people and the Hell everywhere, and in fact there is nothing like that. And the normal people were such miserable, that up to now they did not say to me that it is a cheat (some of them knew it already since 2003).
     But let me return to the female friend of mine. Once I had seen her and in the very moment it had happened that the piece of my soul "had loosened". I saw the figure inside of her, the Hellish humanoid soul like Hellish people have it. Not a single time she did say, that she has it inside of her and all through her life she was lying, that she is a practically-thinking materialist who does not believe in anything spiritual.
     The next interesting example is my male friend who, when I have started to write, was expressing similar opinions like I had. He was likeable and "by coincidence" he was writing on papers his thoughts about spiritual things like I did into my PC. Sometimes, especially when he came for a visit to me from time to time, I had felt such a sadden impact, as if his core was negative and kept a distance, but after some moments of conversation as if he had melted and started to have softer and warm vibrations superficially. Once I had heard a piece of conversation that gave such an impression to me that there is somebody powerful who wants him to be my friend and he would disappoint him, if he was not.
     When I had something at home, after which there were strange sounds and Hellish creatures gained access into me and I used to wake up paralyzed, was more evil toward the dog and similarly, he said to me: "It takes bigger difficulties to me to control myself" or "When I lie down to bed, I am seeing these or that things". I think that on some card he had a picture with glasses, a bit more reaching into the eyes by frames and he was wearing clothes with an inconspicuous Hellish combination of colors, but otherwise nothing suspicious. And when they have sprayed my oven by a detrimental thing, he was saying something like "I was confused, I have mistaken the time and I did not know, if there is morning or evening". Every now and then he apologized after he said a decent word and then he forgot to apology after he pronounced a dirty one (e.g. "Excuse me, but these are not the totally best ones" and then "There are no bigger bastards than them"). He was also talking to me about a brain tumor or how he was gazing into the bulb too much and damaged his sense of sight and maybe he wanted me to get the both. And similarly.
     In front of me, he was showing that he owes for monthly rental, his teeth were not repaired and he was talking about debts in the canteen. Shortly, he was giving the impression of poor and in a sort of way spiritual person. In any case, he was talented technically and he was doing the reparations of his bicycle or musical equipments himself.
     Once in their apartment I had experienced the rare moment when "it has opened" to me and his son had thought of me: "They have said, that he has got an infection." Yes, I had got it. And, obviously, they did not want to get it, too. Therefore after I leaved, somebody, probably his son, had thrown an egg at me, perhaps to make me not to visit them as much as before. Interesting is that before me, the both were pretending that they do not know at all that I had got the infection.
     Remembering these Hellish friends (of course, there were more of them), mainly the female friend from the first part of this article, I am getting one idea:
     In order for Hellish people to have the knowledge of normal people, probably there is a rule, that every normal family and/or man must have some Hellish friend (or some friend-informer, at least). And when there is a suspicion or even a certainty that a normal person is working on something interesting, he gets another "friends-informers" (apart from it, he gets a bug in his home, on beloved places, in personal things or clothes etc.).
     Thus from the above-mentioned it results, that normal person cannot trust his friends any much. He can confide his "non-secret" things to them, but never the "secret" ones! And not a single time in life!
     It applies not only to friends who have started the relationship with you, but also to those, with which it was you who has started the relationship (you addressed them as the first one). For one thing, there are many informers and for another, they can arrange it cleverly in the way to make you choose their man yourselves.
     In conclusion, I will remember "the Picture of Human Souls" (see my e-book "Supergod"). In its right third, in the total sum there was less evil than in our left one. I believe that people there were less watched and had more privacy, too. Only in one place of the right third there things went out of control, but despite it the overall amount of the evil in it was much lower, than its amount in our Hellish third.


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