Mysterious Indications Two Faces

     Many members of a "higher Hellish police" (I call it like that, because I do not know its official name, when you all keep it hidden from me) have a Hellish humanoid soul inside of them instead of a normal human one. And because this soul in the human body looks like a "figure within figure", in movies they indicate it by so-called "two faces of Hellish people". Few examples:
     Movie "Species II" contains these "two faces" several times at once. Each picture originates from a different scene. In the middle one, the hero first shots himself down, but then he comes back to life again (thus he is two times), then there are bloody bodies lying and a forward bend to the washbasin (= down toward the Hell and a Hellish color), and then there are "two faces of Hellish people".

     Here is a famous movie "The Island" about two clones who manage to survive, whereas their originals, meaning real people, die during it. The scene below shows a flower thrown to the ground, a shoe and crossed legs (= emphasis on direction down toward the Hell), a circular drinking glass (= whirl), a flying bug (= negative or Hellish circumstance) and "two faces". Then the both heroes are displayed two times by means of a virtual game and in the end there are raised hands celebrating those who are two times.

     In many cases, in which the actor plays a double role, one has some misunderstanding with the other one. And for instance in "Replicant" (on the left) or "Double Impact" (on the right) the two even pick up a fight with each other.

     It is because one part of a Hellish person wants something else than his other part (one wants peace and the other war; one wants happy people and the other the suffering, and similarly). Below there is an example of how Hellish people take themselves for schizophrenics. TV series "Cerni baroni", episode 8 (00:36:00):
    A flick of fingers down into the paper, words about a soldier suffering from schizophrenia (also position down and up with a lifted hand), the change of the position of the army officer's glasses without being touched (= emphasis on the eyes), word "kravina" (= it is related to a horny creature as a Hellish circumstance), two fingers, a joke about how such a soldier alone creates a pair on guard and then the two fingers again.


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