My Revenge

(Incomplete Version 1.0)

     My Neurological Burdens

     The Natural:

     When I was young, I had problems with a blocked thoracic spine. I could not breathe and I had feelings like I was about to faint. Neither massages nor doctors have helped then. Finally, one masseur gave me a good piece of advice how I can unblock the spine myself. It was a bit dangerous, but it has worked. If it did not, I would collapse totally already when I was young.
     I have also got some problems with my cervical spine. My nerves were irritated and accordingly to EMG I had a tetany, caused by a so-called hyperventilation, which was a wrong diagnosis. During a short period of time, I had an arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), too.
     These diagnoses, however, disappeared after I have got gastritis, one time there was a too low level of magnesium and since that time the irritation of my nerves improved and the arrhythmia disappeared. I believe that with a "changed stomach" my nerves have been receiving nutrition little differently than before and that was the reason why they were less irritated. These finds probably are not included in my official health documentation, since I was at different doctor's places than usually and did not give papers to my physician.

     The Artificially Created:

     Sleeping in the energetic field with the Hell opened inside of me was very unpleasant and at those times and I have often had a regular paralysis when waking up. It has also worsened my behavior very much, but my thinking not so much.
     The later poisoning (that made me see the surface of my brain by my soul, the pieces of which have released from their original connection to the brain, after many of its cells have died) was my end and I have felt that the condition worsens gradually.
     After I have got automatic and spontaneously occurring ideas of self-damaging, people (including my father) were reminding me regularly of these acts or, at least, of some things related to them. They have also been using pieces of harmful things to worsen my condition.

     Legal Viewpoint

     Energetic attacks on my brain between 2001 - 2003 were probably deadly and I have only survived because I am very exceptional (my resistance was an above-average one, I was avoiding a direct hit and I was blocking, but despite it all it was close). At that time, no one had any mercy with me. They have clearly put some stone into my way to make me fall from a very little hill with a brick bottom, they made me fall from a bicycle or to prick my leg by a nail in the wood.
     But later after the main poisoning in the beginning of 2009 (my bronchi was sick some time and my clothes were trashed, because they were still smelling of the vapors), when I was already damaged and it was clear that the brain cells are dying and that I will collapse one day), the case was shown to the public more and more. Above all, in the last times they have started to do smaller things only and to record everything with camera.

     About Heroism

     The False One:

     It is no real art to track down a writer, who is signed under all his writings and everybody knows, where he lives. In the same way it only seems to be a heroism to break gradually someone, who already suffers and who is in a weak position.
     The Organization that is after me and managed by Hellish people has so many members, all the needed information, so many chemicals and so much money! It is no real bravery to have all such support and to be winning over some wretched creatures like me. In fact, it's a too easy matter.

     The True One:

     In this case, the true hero was only me. I, damaged and weak, have set myself against the power of Hellish people over our human society. There was no friend, no piece of true word said to me and, in a way, I was alone against all.

     The Idiot's Behavior

     I was chosen by the Holy Council that, together with the God, decides the run of particular dimensions, including that of the Hellish humanoid souls.
     By their behavior, Hellish people have offended both the Holy Council and the God. However, it not only offends, but also suits the both, because they have planned it in advance together with the final punishment for it.
     Anyway, only a total idiot (or a sick and/or uninformed person) can behave in the way to offend the masters of the dimension he lives in, if he has some other option (of how to behave)!

     Let Them Invalidate Their Too Cruel Methods

     They have always been causing unbearable suffering not only to the guilty but also to the innocent, but they did not suffer themselves like that. And I suppose, and now I wish to be wrong, that by fair means there is no way to talk them out of the use of their cruel methods.
     They have invented them and it is said that "What goes around comes around" and "As you sow, so shall you reap".
     I believe, that if they would suffer most of all (for instance, by bombs thrown on their buildings) using the same methods that they are using on their own victims (e.g. individual leaders kidnapped and then subjected to a "turn-over"), they would break and then they would let these methods of theirs be invalidated.

     If You Will Have Them In Your Hands

     As soon as you will deal with any of these bastards, be as cruel as possible. Break him totally.
     Put him into such a neurological condition like that of mine and when he will start to have self-damaging thoughts, keep him reminded of the act of the self-damage all the time. These people are so evil that they are the only people who deserve such an approach, but no one else!
     Even if he was crying, and urinating and pooping under your feet, kneeling before you, do not have any mercy! They have coldly been torturing and mutilating innocent victims for thousands of years without any mercy as well.
     You must change all the agent's loves for himself and for his Organization (and for his children) into hate. You must replace the structure of these loves in his personality with negative elements.
     He must become allergic to the tone of his own voice, to the touch of his own skin, to the sound of his own breathing (here I know what I speak about, too), to anything that is connected with his Organization and its values. He must break all the main rules it honors.
     Please start the torture with the use of the same thing that they have put on my oven and cooker (it was strong like Hell and since that time the brain cells are slowly dying gradually), and fill in its effect by other detrimental things in the air, in the cigarettes, in the food, in the water, and by a radiation and vibrations detrimental to the brain (they were doing all that to me and if I was normal, I would collapse yeas ago already).
     No normal communication with that bastard, not a single time. When he will start to feel badly and will weep that he must inhale gases, tell him that it only seems to him, that he is inhaling them, that no one is doing anything bad to him. Use the psychological terror described in my article "Visions of the Future".
     His entire time must be unpleasant (curved personal things including the underwear, the shoes that are too tight on some places; curved bed; every time when he becomes calm a bit, immediately spoil his mood by something unpleasant and make him be worried and depressed again; for instance, they have spoiled over 99% of my trips into Nature by gases or drugs released before me into the air and later by unpleasant sounds and/or by the view of something that I do not like, too).
     Let him listen to many false news, let him be connected to a simulated Interned only, where you will answer his calls for help very strangely (like they were doing it to me).
     Record his suffering with a camera and then make a TV broadcast: show there how he was self-confident and cold when he was healthy, and then show him breaking all the main rules of his Hellish Organization and how he is full of pain and fear, broken.
     They knew that I was innocent and of the God, yet they have made me suffer. Remember that when they had no word of explanation for the innocent victim, there must be this zero amount for them as well!
     Please refer to my article "Visions of the Future", but now I am much more cruel than I was in it. But I am realizing the treacherousness and the evil of these Hellish people more and more and I am able to torture them more and more.
     If I had one of these Hellish bastards (mainly someone from the groups that let people suffer, but they do not suffer like that themselves) in my hands, maybe today I would already be able to let him remove his penis, his eyes, to dislocate his joints, and to cry for mercy and beg for forgiveness during spasms in his muscles etc. Again, they are the only people who deserve something like that, what must never be used on anybody normal!

     Surprising Information

     If any of the captured Hellish agents breaks and collapses, he will tell you surprising news: Pavel Kastl has recognized some of the pieces of their Hellish language hidden in movies as well as the fact that they have a different soul and that in some cases they steal the human souls, too. He will also tell you, that the observation of normal people is much bigger than the public believes it and that "Cerny puntik", meaning "The Black Spot", really exists and is done regularly.

     My Sentence

     My pain (and that of my dogs) caused by Hellish people must be paid ten thousand times over! You will take the value of my suffering, multiple it by ten thousand times and it is how much the workers of the Hellish Organization must suffer.
     It means that, for instance, if I was kept in neurological muscular spasms (= unbearable suffering) for long years (please never forget that they can arrange that when some visitor comes to see me, at that moment I would look okay), the buildings of the Organization must be falling down and many of its agents must be mutilated to have the same spasms, okay?

     Hellish Organization:

     (The possible suffering of the body, but mainly) The destruction of the soul. Its parallel world must be attacked in the future and their souls destroyed in it (accordingly to the Guardians of the Sanctuary of God and to the "GS", this has already been ordered and even approved long time ago). And if their bodies will suffer the way they have let suffer their own victims, I can only welcome it.

     The Rest

     The remaining information, in particular on how to kidnap them without being detected by their Organization, or the list of the culprits of my case including both the individuals and the locations, is not published in this version of the article.


     Legal disclaimer: The text of this educational writing only represents the private opinion, fantastic imaginations and subjective feelings of an individual. The author disclaims any responsibility for the damage caused to anyone by the use of and/or manipulation with this document and he does not warrant the correctness, trueness, completeness, safety or usefulness of any information stated in it.