My Guilt and Innocence

(Version 1.0)

     Let us imagine, that I am accused of "disturbing the religious world order", of "spreading untrue information", of "support of violence" and of "false accusation".

     The religious thing:

     No man knows the whole truth and no man has ever written a perfect religious book that would fully be okay. We are only people and neither the wisest of us are capable to set up a completely true religion. And this law is valid for me, too.
     The books I have written, although not completely correct and true, were better at all times than all the famous religions of this world. In a way I was the king of them all.
     And if someone blames me for having a disturbing impact on the world's religious situation, more exactly on people's belief in them, then he is right to a degree. As a rule, the world's religions deliberately do not explain the point in human life correctly and I feel obligation to correct it a bit, at least. To let people know what is beyond the frame of the knowledge that these religions give them and that in some things they lie on purpose, which is true. Up to this point I am guilty, but to explain what these religions do not explain is the personal growth of people and no crime.

     The members of Hellish organization know very well, that the world's religions explain the human existence majority wrongly, yet they have supported them and decreased me, who, after all, has a bit better explanation than they do, through which they have committed a crime.

     Untrue information about Hellish people:

     In this case I am innocent. There were Hellish people sent to try to damage me and I have correctly recognized that they are Hellish. But when normal people were sent to pretend that they are Hellish, I did not recognize it, because I was 100% convinced that normal people would not behave like that and if someone forced them to, they would tell me about it. This fact together with the damage of my brain and a big load on it have temporarily made me exaggerate in my writings about Hellish people.
     However, I believe that the culprits are those who have sent all the Hellish and normal people to me and together with them partly also all the (stupid and treacherous Czech) normal people who did not say any word of truth to me, which I do not forgive. They seem to me to be a sick population.

     The Hellish organization knew, that I have recognized correctly its connection to Hell, a different soul and that it captures the human souls. And despite knowing that I have recognized it correctly, it has blamed me from claiming nonsenses, gassed me and sent normal people against me, through which it has committed a crime.

     Support of violence:

     In this respect I am more innocent than guilty, but not fully innocent.
     I was treated in the way that worsens relationships to other people and to the human society as such. Apart from it, my thinking was damaged.
     The truth is that I would welcome any effective attack on Hellish people who have arranged it all. Purely theoretically, I would like if they were divided from their organization and one by one, alone, without any support of the other members, exposed to a big overpressure. Then they would cease to damage Godly things like my "new religion" and they would taste what it is like to be a victim. However, the only thing we can really do is to pray for the attack on their Hellish humanoid souls that happened in the future.
     As for normal people, they need some lesson to change, probably the mere show of the truth would do, because they are misinformed. They behave like low-level creatures unquestioningly trusting and obeying the authority, even if it lies to them and sends them to damage an innocent victim. On the other hand, I have seen some of them who knew that in my case cheats were used, despite it they were co-operating with the cheaters and kept silence. So I do not know what to think about it.

     False accusation:

     The Hellish organization knows very well that it abuses the entertainment. I have accused it in my writings, in which I have committed a few exaggerated details, for which I am not responsible, since I am damaged (over-sensitive to some components), but it was her who has damaged me that way. My accusation together with the majority of details is correct, and with my disclaimer and condition I have the right for some small exaggeration.

     So much money was wasted to damage me and my religion! If all the Hellish bastards would give it to the support of the poor and would let my books continue, it would be much better. They owe so much money to our human society!

     Everybody, who manages to think at least a bit, should notice that up to now the approach of Hellish organization toward me was the matter of something personal. And it was because I have disclosed their connection with Hell (and little also because of some wisdom).

     Bonus 1 (damage to relationships)

     To damage relationships, Hellish people sometimes use their dark magic. For example, they touch the victim, disturbing natural energetic layer in his brain. It causes, that one place of it becomes disrupted (I have noticed it in my dogs, for example) and Hell can access it. Often such a touch is targeted for a concrete demon who will evoke a specific negative behavior (e.g. bigger alternation of good and bad mood, colder and less friendly behavior, the victim's attack on someone, someone's attack on the victim and similarly).

     Bonus 2 (the best psychic)

     Imagine a man who excels in reading other people's mind. However, as soon as he becomes unwelcomed, the Hellish organization is sent to convince the stupid public that he is not the best psychic. During some time, there will be many videos on which the man will make mistakes and will have worse results, and normal people will believe that he cannot be any excellent psychic.
     No matter who you are and what you can do, everything can be spoiled in the way that everything looks naturally. And it was partly my case, too. Out of all the cheats, I will mention the smallest one:
     There were two guys and my conversation with them was recorded. With the first one I made an agreement that we will share any new dog video with each other and the other guy sent me a dog video forbidding me to tell anyone about it (after it the first guy asked me: "Have you got any new dog video?"). No matter what I have done, I had to betray either the first or the second guy.

     One more little thing: If I remember well, one man claimed, that he has a data limit 3 GB per month and that he cannot download videos of dog fights and he offered me 500 CZK, when I will download them for him. In this way is possible to make one a trader with dog fighting videos.

     Bonus 3 (mental support)

     While doing my Godly work, I have received no real psychical support from any human being. Not a single one was really standing by me, wishing me success with my books. And when there was a dangerously-big pressure on me, the only real support was that from "the other side" (above all, now I am referring to "Fear not..." and to an information given to me several years ago, that in that period of time I won't do to myself what they want me to do).
     You see? All the people failed. Perhaps now Supergod would say, that it is dangerous to have the pieces of support you need in other people, since unless there are the best circumstances all around you, in which you can mutually be faithful to and support one another, those pieces are most likely to fail.

     Bonus 4 (questions regarding strange methods, used on some normal people)

    When in my childhood strange people had been visiting our house in secret, a voice, coming from some hidden speaker was saying to me to kill one other boy who used to do me harm then. Is it legal to incite a child that way to commit some bad act?

    Many years ago, a small group of people was running secret tests in a small factory. When in the nights there were no workers in it and the watchman was the only officially present person, every now and then there was the sound of a closing door or of a doorlock, and then there was silence again. And as soon as the watchman began to be calm, say after half an hour, the sound was heard again. Is it legal to run such tests?

    I have noticed the use of the components of evil subconscious codes also on innocent people who did not commit anything bad, with a hope that a few of them will commit something. Is it legal to do this?

    Long ago, I was possibly tested regarding of how much I am afraid. One young woman put a snake on me saying that this creature can strangle me and leaved the room, in which I had stayed with the snake alone for some moments and only then she returned. Or, for a change, a different young woman sent her Great Dane to frighten me. Is it legal to test people like that?

    When I was young, I used to smoke in the cellar. During one period of time there were explosions of a bright white light that was stronger than that coming from a regular bulb. Up to the present day I do not know, if it was caused by Hellish people or by some spiritual creature. Is it legal to create false miracles to make people believe that they are true?

     Bonus 5 (God and Supergod)

     Recently I have realized that I have come to know God as well as the Guardians of his Sanctuary in 2003 being 31 years old and Supergod in 2013 being 41 years old. Strange coincidence.


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