My Discoveries

     - Several principles and rules, by means of which Hellish people rule our world for thousands of years (already the old history records [sometimes a fake] and myths are using the same secret mathematical coverage like today's things).

     - Secret system, by means of which Hellish people co-arrange evil events and wars + their secret signature hidden in them.

     - Many famous people from our history, seemingly independent and with different goals, used a secret signature of Hellish people, among which they belonged.

     - Secret signs in movies.

     - Explanation of my self and of many cheats that were done during the creation of the unfair TV show about me.

     - Slightly harmful sub-conscious codes in movies, songs and ancient matters.

     - Actions that little damage the life happiness of many innocent people.

     - Secret observation of normal people, the violation of their right for privacy and advices on how to protect it.

     - The work of male and female elements.

     - Sexual deviations and extremes in love.

     - Root diversions and equalization (a man, a woman, and an androgyne & a Heavenly human being).

     - The production of erotic particles both in the sexual and in the nonsexual relationships.

     - Virginity (no-, low-level and high-level sexual experiences and their influence upon people's spiritual condition; I myself had some fondling and kissing with women, but a full sexual intercourse and an ejaculation in a full consciousness were not there; I started to masturbate only after I have got to know the Supergod, till the end of 2013 I was only ejaculating in the sleep).

     - The number of the informers of Secret Police that regularly are the friends and relatives of normal people.

     - Two new martial arts ("IBU" and "Cesta Pantera").

     - Two new social systems ("Lukewarm Harmony" and "IBU's Social Feudalism").

     - The transfer of a specific cellular immunity from a donor to a done (my invention from the last century that combines two groups of factors: the first manages a physical compatibility and creates several intermediate stages between the two people, and the other finishes the process of overcoming the difference between them to make the transfer work; the natural immunity of exceptional individuals can be possessed by all the people).

     - The necessity of the legalization of euthanasia (my requirement from the last century).

     - Special factors that decrease the possibility of injury or even make it impossible, even if people do not behave fully safely.

     - Part of the secret of our origin and purpose.

     Please note: My sources of information have been modified and people lie to me. That is why I do some mistakes in my articles, but despite it these articles are a big discovery.


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