Legal or Illegal?

Strange interventions into our lives…

     Now I will ignore all the strange things from the last years and will only take a look into the past in which, to my hope, I can find the key to the future.
     I would like to say first that when I was a kid, my father was buying and reading books more than other people did and he was studying foreign languages, which, in our country, was not too usual at those times.
     I am saying this because it could have been the reason why my father and subsequently our family was observed. However, maybe such an observation is a standard practice and normal uninformed people only do not know about it.

     Two old cases: (please read my "Privacy Protection" as well as "Cerny puntik")

     1. When I was a boy, during a shorter period of time we had a cat. One day I and my father did go by a motorcycle to one village. But before we have left, we closed the cat in the house. All the doors were locked and there was no way how he could get away. However, when we have returned, the cat was outside the house welcoming us. The rest of the family was away and the only possibility was that that somebody strange was in the house while we were away.

     2. One day in the school I was unexpectedly sent to home, where I did go to bed. After some time, I have heard the sound of door opening and somebody's footsteps. I have called words meaning "Father, is that you?". The footsteps have immediately stopped and then I have heard going them back and the sound of the door opening again. And, of course, it was none of our family.

     Although the strange people were accessing our house regularly, nothing was stolen. However, several strange things happened to me in it.

     When I was a boy:

     - The heavy metallic door of our loft has opened itself, after I had read a black magic formula from one book (either that formula worked or somebody was observing me and made the door move).

     - When I was reading a religious book, a voice coming "from the wall" has introduced itself as Virgin Mary and said to me to kill one other boy. The (perhaps male) voice was so clear and loud that I was repeatedly going to ask my mother (the only person present in the house) why she is calling at me and she was answering that it is not her.

     When I was adult:

     - I used to go smoke to the cellar and there were flashes of light stronger than that of the bulb, every time occurring on a different place.

     (I do not take into account my levitation during the memories of my past life times, the visit of the Circle of Stars or the toys that were moving themselves, because I believe that it was the God's Might that has arranged it and not some strange people.)

     Later our family started to guard the house 24/7 by the everlasting presence of one of its members (and of the dog, but this animal alone won't do, there is always some way how to break to the house over any dog). But then the "Secret Service" pressed on my father and he has let them access all my personal things.
     You know, if the "Secret Service" cannot normally get in, when the house or the apartment is guarded all the time, they gain some family member for co-operation. Interesting is that when they come, almost every mother betrays her own child (she lets them in and then won't tell her child about it).

     Old case from one big storehouse:

     When I was guarding it with my Caucasian Ovcharka, the dog was outside in the premises around it and I was inside of the storehouse.
     In the middle of the nights, every now and again there was heard the sound of a door lock, of a door opening and similarly. And then there was silence again.
     One time when I was in the end of a corridor inside of the building, at that moment most distant from my dog, more precisely from the door heading outside to him, there were the sounds again and I really started to be afraid, since officially there should have been no one inside of the storehouse but me.
     Some of the workers that I have seen in the days looked like they had a smaller amount of sleep and somebody told me about something suspicious. Perhaps I was tested in secret how I will react.

     I am convinced, that the "Secret Service" (I do not know its official name) doing these things is legally existing criminals, having a big might and much money. It must change.


     Legal disclaimer: The text placed on this educational web site only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.