Knowledge and Personal Happiness in Entertainment

     The whole world is full of movies and computer games with fabricated stories, behind the creation of which there are Hellish people who are the kings of today's entertainment.
     Of course, what we see in movies and what we play in games has some influence upon us and is even a part of a global psychological strategy applied on normal people.
     But as a normal person do you have any idea of what you really need to meet in the entertainment? To my opinion, above all two things:
     1. Basic knowledge. Now I have in mind the essential one that you are today still short of, since Hellish people do not use to put it in the entertainment they are creating for you.
     What would be very nice and useful is if you could see in movies some true info about the background of the type of events that they have in their story. Simply how the things truly function in real life. And in order to fulfill this requirement, the movie would have to contain information about Hellish people including all the good and evil they do to the normal and their souls.
     For example, if there were movies that would show the stealing of human souls together with a heart-breaking melody deeply touching the heart of normal people, they would start to care of it and they would want to secure their souls from the possible capture. That is why the leadership of Hellish people have always prohibited any occurrence of this information (about the soul stealing such as it really is) in the entertainment in order to let the souls of normal people unsecured without any awareness of the evil that can happen to them.
     The movies should join the proper emotional factors (by suitable approach to the story including the correct influence of accompanying music) with the proper education. But because normal people do not have such movies, they must experience the "forbidden part of knowledge and feelings" without any helpful hand of the entertainment.
     Please never forget, that the reality is more important than all the fabricated stories that entertain you every day, although they give you some rest from thinking of real persons and stories, since you could get "over-satiated" by thinking of them only.
     However, still the fact remains that many normal people do not think of the souls of their died closest ones as much as they should and one of the main reasons is that that it was said to them that they are in the hands of God. And so they usually "leave the field" with opinion that there is no need to care of the souls since it is God who will justly take care of everything. And, instead on the Destiny of the souls of their closest people who have died, normal people rather think of the "Destiny" of some made up figures from fabricated stories of various TV series and so on.
     Sad to say, when normal person wants to learn something about the future of his soul and of that of his closest ones, usually he draws inspiration from official resources that, with some exceptions, use to be Hellish. Or he asks Hellish people that he trusts and he gets a wrong information on what is most important to him.
     2. Personal happiness. I have said personal and not impersonal. Personal happiness in the entertainment is such a story of movie or computer game that pictures what you need to see in it and what is close to you.
     With modern and future technical equipments you will have the possibility to transfer "your environment" (you and your closest people, animals and places) into the story and to adapt it in the way to make you "happy".
     However, it is no fully-fledged happiness but only its partial compensation. Natural experience provided by real life will always have a bigger quality they any artificial one. But it is said that "any is better than none" and that is why many people with a too low level of real life happiness will probably try to compensate it for its artificial replacement that modern technique will be able to provide them with.
     In conclusion, I believe that either we must have the proper entertainment or better is for us not to have any. At all times "none is better than anything bad" (as well as zero is better than any minus).


     Legal disclaimer: The text placed on this educational web site only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.