(Version 2.1)

     I am here with one theory about infinity. It is the result of my knowledge of the Supergodly Ball + of my fantastic imagination about what could be beyond its borders, if it has any :-)

     Infinity 1:

     It is "limitedly endless" and valid within the Supergodly Ball. It contains "subjective time" and it has two main values:

     1. ∞
     2. Number that expresses "points", that is "particular positions" of the whole story that is going on within the Supergodly Ball (somehow comparable to the number of frames in a movie).

     In this infinity line gets curved and all the way it "goes along the same points" round and round, because the inside of the Supergodly Ball is fixed.

     (The stories in the Supergodly Ball repeat round and round and all the matter in it is transformed by absolute 100%. It means, that every time after all the stories have been "played", there appears such an environment as if the stories have never been "played" at all, as if they were to be "played" for the first time.
     What it means for the points along which the line goes, you can easily find out yourselves: Every time the line goes "as if it was for the first time", which means that the points are only "new" and it goes along them "endlessly", because it always goes forward in always "new" environment.
     Both the points and the line are 100% renewed by absolute transformation. That is why I have used infinite number instead of definite. And I have called it "limitedly endless".)

     Infinity 2:

     It is "fully endless" and valid outside of the Supergodly Ball. It contains "objective time" and mostly it is filled by fragmented (all)matter. Within these "Endless Spaces" there is a gigantic area occupied by Supergods and that of ours originates from it, too.

     Do you guess the way by which line goes in this infinity? Does it go straightly, does it curve or does it split up itself? Anyway, I can give you hints that all the way it goes along different points, because the inside of the "Endless Spaces" is not fixed, but naturally changing.

     Infinite numbers have various values and dimensions. They are infinite, either limitedly or fully, and the "limitedly infinite" are also definite.
     For example, there is a planet with two men. One of them lives 30 years and the other 90 years. The universe with the planet repeats endlessly together with the life of these two men. During the eternity each of the two will live ∞ number of years, but the number of the spent years of the first man is three times smaller than that of the other. Both their infinite numbers are the same (= ∞) and different (the first man's 1 ∞ x 3 = the other man's 1 ∞).

     Translated excerpt from "Mozaika moudrosti", "Tajemstvi nekonecneho cisla":

     All the infinite numbers have these qualities:

     1. They are endless
     2. They are of the same size
     3. They are of different size
     4. They have their polarity
     5. They do not have any polarity (through going endlessly they gradually change into their opposite and therefore they are losing their polarity; but at the same time they are keeping this polarity, since they have endless amount of it)

     Now I will explain that there was a change in my energetic constitution when I was young (Voll akutest 75 [but one time it has added my inflammatory pain to my vital energy and the result was 88, so that this equipment is unreliable] and ARDK Yin/Yang -1,349). A little piece of my soul was either differently connected to my brain or it was free a bit. After I was poisoned partly, some of my brain cells have died and the "differently connected" or "free part" of my soul has connected itself with another part that became free as the consequence of my poisoning. The result is that - now and then - I better remember some things shown to my soul long ago and I can "catch some piece of higher knowledge" better than before. Later, in a worse condition of my brain, I should have crazy thoughts mixed up with some occasional "flashes of truth".

     Because I have mentioned Supergods (who use to set up structures like our Ball), please allow me to post here a joke & the most serious thing mix:



     Client review (for the uninformed, it is the review of one client, not of more clients):

     We really like the new "Little Mountain" edition of "Ageless Body Formula". Although we are using it a few quadrillions of years only, so far we did not have aged at all. We can only recommend this product to others!
     The majority automatic system really suits us. We only enter our data, manually set up the main values and almost all the remaining counting is automatically finished by the equipment. In the end there is a couple of closing corrections and it is ready to create the new environment that meets our exact needs!
     The stay in it is likeable, the maintaining work is not too difficult and the regenerative process hurts only slightly. Wanna be young forever? Use the Little Mountain too!


     Feel free to take me for the biggest liar, but I have seen the "Little Mountain", although not with the eyes of my physical body.
     The origin of the name (that arose as the result of my endeavor to compare it to something known to humanity) comes from the appearance of the space, within which the Formula is placed. Its cover is shaped like one wider (or almost two?) little mountain(s). There are no bright colors on it and in its vicinity, but rather some faded ones such as that of a darker brass, darker green and similarly.
     Just as a matter of interest, if you want to compare the knowledge of any thing that exists within the Supergodly Ball to the knowledge contained in that Formula, the knowledge of the "thing" is immediately pictured next to the Formula and the picture occupies such a space that corresponds to the exact part of the Formula, the knowledge of which "the pictured thing" contains. One only look at it and you know how much the "thing" knows.

     PS: Let one part of you believe that there is nothing outside of the Supergodly Ball and let second part of you believe that there is something outside of the Supergodly Ball. The reason is that the Supergodly Ball needs both these beliefs. Some help to keep its integrity, some help to renew Supergod's spirit.