(TOK Dodatek 10 Cislo 38)

     Well, it is here again. We are and we want to be further. Our human individuality and its successful continuation, and that as long as possible. But...
     Long ago, I have tried to assign individuality some numerous value, shortly "оценку" of how much it is important. I was asking myself: How much is it important to keep our individuality? Is it really that important to us, that it is better to be very unhappy and to keep it, than to be happy, but to lose it?
     In old times I have been strictly only of the opinion, that when we change too much, we in fact become somebody else and the one we have been before dies in a way.
     I have wanted to keep one's own individuality at any price and I have agreed with the loss of it only in the case, when it would prevent some excessive suffering.

     (Ask yourself a question: Would you want to be a man put to torture groaning with terrible pain and with an overall unfavorable Fate, or some monkey that is doing well and that has an overall favorable Fate?)

     But then Supergod has come and during a short moment as if I have become him. At that moment my own individuality was forgotten and I took a look at us people by "his eyes". And I have seen lower, limited creatures.
     As long as I have only been a man, I have only desired for the keeping of my human individuality. And one of the main reasons was that that I did not directly know any more perfect one.
     But when I have got to know the individuality of Supergod, apart from the keeping of my own, I have suddenly desired for the keeping of that of his, too. Perhaps I have started to like him somehow, because I have become him a bit.

     (Imagine, that you were a mosquito and you only knew its individuality. At any price you would try to keep it for yourself, but if you have got to know that human one which is more varied, richer and more perfect, suddenly you would cease to want to be a mosquito and, instead, you would start to desire to be a man. And it is similarly, when you are a man and you get to know the individuality of Supergod.)


     Because we exist in a Supergodly Ball, in which every one of us transforms a different piece of allmatter and Supergod's spiritual body, we are such as we are only because everything else in the Ball is such as it is (and such as it was and such as it will be).
     Without Hellish people and their good (absolute majority of health service, predominantly positive societal code, education and upbringing, making life easier by various technical amenities and similarly) and evil (killing and torturing of people in ancient times, the Second World War, partial spoiling of life happiness in a range of normal people, the capturing and annihilating of the souls of some of them and similarly) we would not have been like we are. Simply, without Hellish people our present individuality more or less would not exist.
     And because its component is a link to the happiness that we have experienced here thanks to the Hellish (who are rather bad than good, but they carry with them an unique little piece of Good that is neither in Heaven), maybe it can be said, that to a certain degree we want to keep our individuality together with it (and so, in a certain sense, together with them).


     Practice is such that in the cycle of stories in a Supergodly Ball we are a man and we have & know his individuality. But apart from our human one, some of us can get to know a bit some other, perhaps just that of Supergod.
     Let us live for ages as human souls & people and in the end, in the goal of our way, let us at least a little bit get to know him who has thought up & calculated us. After all, we won't only live in the total ignorance of our Owner!
     I have got a compromise into my mind how to stay a man, but despite it to learn something about Supergod. We would have to have only one individuality, that human one, but together with it also a certain small awareness about the Supergodly one.
     But even though it sounds realizably, in spite of this it has one obstacle. Well, man would be allowed to know something about the Supergodly individuality, but he would never be allowed to taste it more deeply, we cannot even speak about some "bigger gulp" from the bottle of this "tempting mead". I won't exaggerate much when I say that he who once tastes it, he won't want any other any more, neither the human one. And therefore if man wants to stay a man, he must keep some distance off Supergod in order to do not become him :-)

     (With a bit of humor and at the same time seriously: Do you know, what is it like to be somebody else than you are? Have you already been somebody else? And if yes, was it somebody much more perfect and truer, than you are? So much, that when compared with him you would take yourself for something small, stupid and short-aged? And that as much as you would rather be him than you? And if yes, was the somebody [Super]God?)

     Closing lesson: We renounce our individuality only if its keeping means an excessive suffering for us, or if we have an option to exchange it for some other that has a higher level (whereas this second option can and need not be used). In any case, there is one note for all the principal opponents of an exchange of the current individuality for some other, even if the most perfect one: Do not forget that even in Heaven they change your individuality a little and thus they take it away a bit by improving it by Salvation. For it is already not that exactly you like before.

     (And as far as the price of individuality is concerned, it depends on the overall circumstances. In some it is maximal, in some partial, and in some even none.)


     Author's comment: To my knowledge, the value of the "unique little piece of Good that is neither in Heaven" is about, say, +15% (it gives the souls of normal people a temporary pleasure during their short life on Earth), but the other part of the Hellish influence on normal human souls reaches the value of, say, -85% (it takes away the other kinds of their happiness on Earth and their possible long life in Heaven together with the closest ones, above all).

     Regarding the exchange of the current individuality for a more perfect one, then in this Ball, a closed reality pervaded by Supergod as the most perfect being, it in fact deals with a way along degrees toward him, if it can be said so at all. The most known form of this exchange is the improvement of human soul by the process of Salvation or its dying while experiencing Supergod.
     Do not forget that each of us has Supergod connected to himself. But in the opened reality of Endless Spaces, where no one would be connected to you, your attitude toward your own individuality could be different a bit.