How Are Religions Made

     Religions as well as many other things can be made, too. Although now and then they arise also naturally, but the Devil's nation adjusts by it's impacts their content in a way to generally sound more or less wrongly. But we are mainly interested in the religions, which are artificially generated by Hellish people.
     Giant amount of the Devil's servants on the whole world gives them a possibility how to act in their actions like independent people who don't know one another. And they make use of this advantage of theirs also during the production of various religious beliefs.
     The world mafia's strategists will think up, what will be the next lie that mankind is to believe in. Then they choose from their lines a larger number of their members, trustworthy impressing and acting like people who don't know one another, because every of them lives in a different part of this world or at least country. However, they mutually play into one another's cards.

     Example 1: People are to believe that after death some of our souls are welcomed by one of the mightiest gods, similar to an angel having six wings. A chosen member of the world's mafia, very credibly impressing, will claim, that he had a vision of such a god and at the same time more mafia's members in the various parts of the world will claim that they saw that god when they lost their consciousness or during some near death experience and that he was welcoming their souls. And then many people will believe in such a god.

     Example 2: People are to believe that the extraterrestrials are dropping on the planet their own members, looking like beautiful women with red hair. A lot of mafia's members (serious witnesses to you) from many locations of the entire world will then claim, that they saw a flying disc that touched down near some city and an extraterrestrial one came out of it looking like a beautiful woman with red hair, entered the city and disappeared from their sight. And then many of you will start to believe it.

     In the course of our history, the world dark mafia's members were influencing all the world's religions and were interfering with them to decrease the amount of the truth and increase the lie, and they had even founded some. Further they were manipulating with historical written records to mainly maintain positive reports about liars and negative or none about the truthful.
     The dissemination of wrong explanations is helped by the fact that a long range of the Devil mafia's members is acting as believers, serious scientists and healers, and every of them spreads among people wrong explanations of their existence.
     These liars can be easily recognized, for all of them have something in common. In by-them-created religions you will never find the talking of a giant might of the Hellish world, about that that here on the Earth human souls are hunted, everywhere in their teaching you may read about free will and about good future prepared for you, which you are gradually approaching by your improving. You are free, love always wins and if you have the proper faith, no demons can endanger you. Not only your happiness, but nothing else must be balanced by it's opposite and nothing is repeating itself in the same shape, in which it has already happened countless number of times. You build your Karma yourselves and it only depends on you, how you will decide and what you will do. On your eyes there are rosy glasses, through which you cannot see the reality - the Hellish world, the members of which live amidst you all and whose lies you believed in.


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