Hellish People

(Last update: November 16, 2017)

     Imagine a powerful organization that hides a terrible evil. Normal people are totally stupid and they will never find out. And, suddenly, there is one only man who is not stupid fully, but only partly (= me). And who starts to discover that evil and apart from it he explains some spiritual things better than all the current teachings known to the public. And so the organization ridicules and breaks him in front of all the totally stupid normal people and it will convince them that it does not hide any such evil and that the man claims nonsense. And even if that man stands all the pressure years longer than it was originally supposed, and works further, despite it he fails and that because of the last one what he has never expected and what he has never managed to imagine: Because of the 100% betrayal of normal people who were not only totally stupid, but moreover also totally treacherous.

     I apology that I have said that normal people are totally stupid. Generally, they are not, but from some points of view and in some things they are.

     Here are articles for online reading about privacy, percentage, friendship, one spirit, this spirit one more time, innocence, tactics, some events, and vengeance.

     Secret Hellish signs in movies are explained here, but in Czech language only, the older English articles were insufficient.

     For "Unbelievable Cheats": There were so many used in my case! Some were described in the writing, but many not.
     Recently I have noticed one interesting one. There was a crossing on a big street and then another one on a smaller street. First a woman with a darker color of hairs walked along the crossing on the bigger street, when the traffic lights had a red color, and I did not follow her. However, on the smaller street I have followed a blonde woman with a child dressed in a jacket close to yellow or orange color, when the traffic light had a red color.
     If you would record my repeated using of these two crossings, you would find out that it has already happened that, in a dark evening (when the traffic was low) like this time, I have crossed the street without waiting for a green light. And with the blonde woman before me, it has looked like I was following her because of her color.
     Please imagine this trick: You always send somebody with a brown jacket to the victim's vicinity. Every now and again it will happen that the victim will behave like she was following him. For example, the victim can touch the same goods in the shop after "the brown jacket" has touched it, the victim can approach and read the same poster on the street like he just did it a few moments ago etc. By some time, you have the collection of videos of the victim imitating the behavior of people dressed in a brown color, which is a special psychical diagnosis (or something like that -:).

     Below are old videos in WebM or MP4 format where I speak about some things related not only to Hellish people, but at the time of their recording I did not know yet what I know now.

Cigarety     Povidani     Dve nejdulezitejsi veci     Prastvoritel     Vlastni predstava o Bozich vecech     Stesti, matematika a moralka z pohledu Superboha     Zvedavost, Cerny puntik, Zevni dojem a Valky     Par starych prihod, Pan Buh a Obraz lidskych dusi     Oslabeni me teorie     Ubohost     Vyhazovani penez danovych poplatniku     Uz v roce 2003     V me knihy se asi nema moc verit


     I apology to Mrs. Marie Rottrova that I have made an error in the description of the magic meaning of her songs on album "Vsechno nejlepsi". On a web site I take regularly info from there was wrongly written, that song with number 13 is "Zrejme letos nejsou kytky", which I copied, instead of 13 "Bouda Na hororu". I forgot to check it in the official resources. Please excuse me.
     However, 13 "Bouda Na hororu" contains words meaning "blind", "bastard" and "magician", it has a "factor of confusion" and the previous song with number 12 touches the eyes. Accordingly to my opinion, the subconscious influence of song 13 combines with that of song 16 "To nic" (a piece of gold in the eye and the bird).

     I apology to band "Kabat" that I have made an error in the older version of "Reversed Meaning" in the text of songs, but within one day I realized it and then I have made the newer version 2.9 without that error. Please excuse me.


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