Health Care

(Version 1.1)

     Because I have seen the picture of what human souls are to experience in our Supergodly Ball, I have noticed that the third under the reign of Hellish people is dark and the third under the reign of Heaven is light. But there is one more third having its color somewhere between light and dark: although much worse than the pure Heaven, still much better than what we have lived here on Earth and some of us even in Hell, too. And this article is my fantastic imagination about how the essence of a human society in this half-light third of the picture could look like.

     Health Problems Prevention

     Best is when people wish good health to one another. And to wish it to others is easier when you are healthy yourself. So, you are healthy and you wish others to have the good health, too. But it is not just your wish, since you try actively to make it possible, too.
     First of all, you would want to remove many dangerous-to-health factors from the human society such as weapons of mass destruction (if not all the weapons as such), airplanes, fast vehicles, drugs, high alcohol drinks (except for low-alcohol drinks like a beer under 8 degrees or the lightest domestic wines, but best is when one is "drunk" on love that he feels toward & from all the living around him without help of any alcohol) and similarly.
     Because there would be no Hellish people on Earth, the number of human population would decrease to 15%, for example. Every family would have got a small house with a premise for free used for the growing of own vegetable and keeping of some domestic animals, whereas everyday's bit of work on the fresh air and clean natural products would do good to health.
     Health care & health service would be in the first place of concern, free for everybody and it would get all the needed support from all the people. And those who would have any greater genetic defects would not be allowed to have children in order not to transfer their defects to the next generations.
     The society would only do what is really important for all the people. Clothes and shoes would only represent basic practical models, food products would only represent a narrow range (because every family would have own domestic products such as fruits, vegetable, milk and eggs), simple building industry (no skyscrapers but single- or two-story buildings only) and knowledge (positive education of all the people that would include the necessary basic spiritual knowledge as well).
     In the new society the majority of people would live and work in their private houses and premises (1 entire hectare per family if possible, 100 meters by 100 meters at best with the house located in the middle), and the minority of people would work at restricted areas designed for special tasks (medical staff in the hospital, the research & production of medical apparatus, the production of clothes or shoes, the building industry) or they would do the other necessary work (for instance fishermen [they would hunt the fishes without a cruel baiting the hook but only by trapping them into the fishnets] who would then exchange the trapped fishes for the products they do not produce like potatoes etc.). Shortly, as soon as you are healthy, you do something for yourself and others or only for others and they provide you with everything you are short of.
     Everywhere simple roads, no big freeways. Personal vehicles used by normal people would only have maximal speed 45 km/h, cruising speed 35 km/h, whereas permitted speed in more densely populated places would only be under 20 km/h, which would prevent many accidents. Too a small speed you think? No. In the new human society there would be no hurry.
     Instead of big cities there would only be locations having several units with means that are necessary for living, some offices and a school, for example. There you could exchange for instance apples from your trees for something you do not have e.g. salt, sugar or a piece of clothes.
     There would be no money, yet everybody would have what he needs to live: health care, home, food, drink, clothes, shoes and knowledge.
     The knowledge would be a primary, essential one, and when learning & thinking about it within the human body, the human soul will start to develop itself. To devote to this is a good utilization of the soul's potential, since it is not consumed by fabricated and wrong entertainment and knowledge made up by Hellish people in the left dark third of 'the picture of human souls'.
     People's true knowledge and their positive relationship toward Nature (= mainly toward living beings, but also toward the spiritual that are in charge of it) restricts the access of many bad beings and prevents their intervention into the life of people, which automatically results in a lower amount of bigger injuries and accidents.
     You know, health care is indirectly related to love-experiencing and it is directly related to personal happiness. Therefore at all circumstances there must be a piece of love for everybody: when one love disappears, another one appears, and the decrease of one love is balanced by the increase of the other (now I have a wide conception of love in mind).
     In the new human society, all the technique that would not directly serve the care of health (= the healthy way of living and the cure of health problems), would be removed. And it is also valid for mobile phones, wireless internet and broadcasting. The most advanced domestic technique would be a personal computer, having some simple operational system and there would be no further technical development in this respect, since this would already do for people to study all the essential knowledge, occasional news with the actual information about the condition of the entire planet and similarly (however, any high contrast or a too sharp picture and similarly of today's modern personal computers is detrimental to health and they can evoke in the human brain the illusion of a more-real-reality than the real one seen by real eyes).
     As for the sport and any other physical activities, none of them would be practiced using the whole practitioner's power (see "workout fails"), which is mainly valid for weight lifting, full contact fight without protectors or anything else what increases the risk of injury if performed with full force. Minority force won't do, therefore the use of majority force is strongly advised, but avoid the dangerous 100% load.

     Technical Development of Health Service

     Whereas the technique as such would not be much supported in other branches of what people do, in case of health service it is quite the other way round.
     Before any details are said, there is a question for you: What is most important to us? Answer runs as follows: To be healthy, to feel well. So that apart from food, drink, clothes, shoes, some home and piece of love it is just the care of health (= keeping one in such a condition, in which his soul feels well inside of its physical body) that enables one to savor his whole life properly.

     (And now I start to talk about something that I do not understand at all, so that please excuse my amateurish points of view. I do not know all the needed facts, but I try to think logically.
     For example, many years ago I have read that there are people naturally immune against virus HIV, that immunity can be transferred from a immune person over to a non-immune one, and that when the immune person is repeatedly given the virus he is immune against he gets hyperimmunized against it, becoming a living can, a high-efficient donor of the immunity for the non-immune people. Immediately there were ideas about how to use natural circumstances and conditions that enable the immunity transfer [blood group, food that the person eats, human race and its mixes, climate where the person stays and similarly]. But I have read that virus HIV mutates and changes and I do not know other necessary factors. One way or another, the fact is that I have received no reply when I was sending my theory to authorities [1997-1998], so perhaps it is nonsensical from some reasons that I do not know, perhaps this simple idea was already very well known then and I did not know about it and similarly.
     As for diagnostic equipments, as an uninformed person, so far I have only heard of sonography and CT and MR scans. As for CT and MR, the investigated person is placed into a tunnel, but there is some distance between his body and the source of signal that makes the pictures of the scanned tissue. Would it be better if the source was placed directly on the surface of the body by means of some close-fitting suit without any distance off it? And to do several pictures of the same tissue using different angles and then to merge these pictures into one complex one?
     When you diagnose health problems, the picture must be as much complete as possible. For example, in case of neurology it means, that you would have to see all the particular nerves in the backbone as well as all the particular glias on the brain's surface including their energetic activity. However, the insufficient physical diagnose of these very little tissues suits Hellish people who regularly investigate them using such equipments that are not able to see them. And if these tissues malfunction, due to the insufficient diagnostic equipments in many cases the conclusion is that that neurological cause is more or less excluded and what remains is a psychical one.)

     It is sure, that good intentions and logical thinking connected with the knowledge of human body, of natural and artificial materials and of the purpose of human life shall bear its fruit. The question only is how big & how much.

     Interruption of Excessive Suffering

     What cannot be healed and what makes the affected one suffer too much, it can be ended by euthanasia. In the life under the reign of Hellish people, so far the euthanasia has not been legalized and even if it was, Hellish people could abuse it for soul hunting.
     Well, without Hellish people the legalization of euthanasia seems to be much more promising. Please excuse me, but after I have recognized them, the mere thought of a normal person dying in the proximity of other people makes me dying from fear.
     I hope that it won't do any harm when the Safe Dying will be observed at all circumstances. Shortly, no proximity of other people during someone's dying. Even normal people can have some connection to bad beings and/or to secretly practice some dark magic, they can be in a too bad mood and who knows about other detrimental factors.
     I think that where the euthanasia starts to become the best option of how to help the affected one, he can either apply it to himself or if he cannot do that, it can be applied by some equipment (but always when other people are away from him and if he is not observed, of course).


     * Many people dream of such unnecessary and even somewhat dangerous things like a flight by a big airplane to a holiday on Hawaiian Islands or of having a much faster car than they do and similarly.
     But let these "dreamers" ask themselves: "Have we already learned to evoke & feel & experience the streams of love between us and other people, animals and plants in the place where we live? Have we already learned to see deeply the beauty of what surrounds us? And if we already have, would we desire as much as we currently do to leave it all for another place?" I think that most of them not, although there are always some exceptions to every rule that have their meaning as everything else.

     * As it was explained in my article "The Empty Total Sum", we can hardly live to see the whole human society happy and it is easier to build up a happy individual than the entirely-happy human society.
     Well, we are here because of the Supergodly Ball in a higher degree than how big is the degree of why the Supergodly Ball is here because of us. Considering the entire time of the existence of human souls, we are expected to give away a little bit more than to accept (which means to be a bit more unhappy than happy).
     The only "person" whose "soul" can entirely be regenerated & satisfied in this Ball is Supergod himself. No one else. However, during a long time we can be happy, too. But to become completely happy is only possible by the adaptation of the inside of this Ball in the way to make us completely happy.
     As we know, the Ball's inside is handled in accordance with the Ball's Formula. And as a matter of interest, as soon as one would change in disagreement with the Formula (even if a little bit only), which however cannot happen in practice, it would not be valid for him anymore.
     The same applies to our Supergod as well. For example, if he learned some news about what is going on in Endless Spaces beyond the big room, in which there are placed Supergodly Balls, by means of this he would change. The information he accepted would change his spiritual body (although a very little bit only) and the Formula of this Ball would thereby discontinue serving him completely and it would have to be changed first and adapted to the 'changed' Supergod in order to serve him completely again.
     One way or the other, the Formula was not created to make all the human beings happy, of course, but despite it many human beings can be happy nonetheless.
     Because we now deal with the right half-light third of 'the picture of human souls', it has its merits and weaknesses like all the other. One small place on it is covered and we cannot know it, but I suppose that the place is dark, because why would they hide from us what is good for us?

     * You are the only person in the Supergodly Ball who feels the things the exact way you feel them, who experiences what you experience the exact way you experience it. Have you got it? No other human being can understand you as much as you do. Partial exception is such a person that would manage to estimate you (in a deeper meaning of this word) better than you yourself, which however happens in a few cases only.
     As we have learned, you cannot find any human being that would understand you completely. We people are lower subjects, fragments that have some unique piece of love and understanding for one another, but always in some narrow range only and with all the remaining aspects missing.
     The majority of human beings need to experience their love together with other fragments, that is people, domestic animals and Nature. Every fragment gives them an unique piece of love that would not do when alone, in itself only. Despite this it can function properly, but only when it is completed by other pieces of love from other fragments.


     Legal disclaimer: The text placed on this educational web site only represents the private opinion and subjective feelings of an individual.