Happiness and Unhappiness of Particular People

     Our Universe functions like a cell existing within a giant structure that is a huge Ball. And our Universe is given a spiritual potential (that some call a "Central Cosmic Soul") that splits up into its particular parts (like that of Godly Creatures, that of Heavenly creatures, of Hell's creatures, human souls, animal souls, plant souls, insect souls etc.) and each of these parts is given the amount of the subjective happiness of the creatures & souls that it consists of.
     This amount is divided among the particular individuals that will be experiencing it during the time of their existence. In case of people (now we do not take into account what the people's souls after their death will be experiencing in the Heaven or oppositely in the Hell or whatsoever) it functions as stated below:
     By means of a mathematic calculation (please note that all the events in our Universe were calculated on a computer in advance and this calculation is called Destiny or Fate), the entire amount of the subjective happiness of all the future people splits up into that designed for the particular civilizations, which the people will live in. Every such civilization gets its own amount, which is divided among the particular people that will live in it.
     By the way, in the case of close people who strongly influence one another in their life, it often deals with a group or family of relative souls (that are relative by their origin and/or Karma).

     Generally, the truth is that the more some are happy, the lesser amount of happiness will be left for others. It is explained in my old book "Mozaika moudrosti": "Every group (that is a family) of relative souls has its given (overall) value that is divided among the particular incarnated souls, that is people. And, of course, every member of this family (that is a man) experiences a different part of its potential."
     It means that e.g. when some family of souls has got twenty members and is supposed to experience a potential corresponding to two wrist fractures, and nineteen of these members will never break their wrist, the twentieth one will have to break his wrist two times.

     People's happiness and unhappiness are two opposites, the balance of which is not a full one like I supposed when I was young. But I have got to know the details later:
     First, when we consider the existence of all the people, the result of the balance of these opposites is not an exact zero. And, two, when we take into account that the older civilization was without the today's advanced medical care of people and there was more violence, too, we are getting a reason to expect in our current civilization some bigger amount of the subjective happiness of people.
     This gives us a bit of optimism. A hope, that our future civilization will have a bigger amount of the subjective happiness of people at its disposal. And, in addition to having this hope, we should legalize the euthanasia (for helping all the too intensely suffering people that cannot be helped sufficiently by any other way) and decrease the difference between too rich and too poor people.


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