Forenames and Surnames

I investigated them in the co-operators of secret police and found the rules valid for the whole world.

     First of all, I will mention a few surnames that the secret informers of the Hellish "High Police" were using in my case. Several of them were beginning with a "K" or emphasizing this letter (probably because of a bond with my surname "Kastl", which were surnames K***ka, K*****k, K*** and **k**ka). Few other surnames were beginning with a "P" (which was a bond with my forename "Pavel", for example Pavl***k and P***ka). Even though some were beginning neither with a "K" nor with a "P", but the secret informers in question had someone with a surname beginning with a "K" for their main partner.
     Further I met surnames beginning with a "B" (= two turned "P's"), more were beginning with letter "H" (reminding "two in one", you all recall "Hitler"), several with "Ja", further with a "M" (= in a way its two "n's"), with a "S" and "Š" (= snake, you remember "Stalin") and perhaps two times with a "V" (to my knowledge, "family names" are also used with a "W", which is two "V's"). There were also various surnames with one letter two times (mainly "a", "e" [or "ö" and "e"], "k", "n" and "s").
     You should know that there is not only the bond with forename and surname, but also with some place or event (I call it "a bond with the subject's name"). For example, during a secret testing of my person I was going by a car with a man named Pl**** from the city of Pl*** into the village of H**** B**** to a man H**b** because of an action in the village of Ka****** (but there were more bonds there). Or once in a TV show about euthanasia I had a comment upon the case of Dr. Kevorkian.
     You know, secret informers and normal people use all sorts of surnames beginning with all letters, whereas these surnames get a special, in given case Hellish meaning, only in some circumstances and/or when they are used by a secret informer (similarly to the components of "Reminder of Hell" in movies: they also get the special meaning only in some circumstances, whereas otherwise they are a totally normal thing).
     Many families are "mixed", that is composed of both normal people and secret informers. I suspect that there is a secret rule that in larger or somehow interesting families there must be at least one secret informer. And he gets into them e.g. by marrying one of their normal women.
     Forenames of women, used by the members of "co-working families", were all kinds possible including Alena, Dáša, Edita, Hana, Hedvika, Helena i Máša. Male forenames were used also many, perhaps there are no restrictions, out of those (in our times and in our country) less frequent, I mention Adolf, Leoš and Dennis.
     Surnames, regularly used by the "co-working families", are really many, too (for instance "Hrdlička" [also some other bird's surnames], "Šmíd", "Hajšman" and many other, I have the list of tens of them).
     Further it deals with the combinations of some forenames and surnames, beginning with the same letter (for example "M. M." or "R. R."). Apart from it, sometimes such surnames are used that mean something negative or at least strange (for instance "Černý" meaning "Black", which is the opposite of "Bílý" meaning "White"; Hellish people do both evil and good and therefore they are "Devils and angels"; for the record, the first music video of our "Zlatá Slavice" meaning "Golden Nightingale" was "Neposlušné tenisky" meaning "Disobedient Sneakers", whilst "ne" is the negative and shoes point down toward the Hell. To there were pointing also "Kroky" meaning "Steps" of František Janeček with David with two "D's" and Horňák).
     Let's now take a look at some famous names: Samson, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (The Hound of the Baskervilles: The Baskervilles [Hugo was the cruel one, which the legend starts with; sir Charles was better and died of fear of the hound; but sir Henry survived everything] had servants Barrymores; on the moors there were criminals Selden [the Notting Hill murderer, the brother of Mrs Barrymore] and [Jack] Stapleton [sir Henry had a storyline with a so-called sister of his, which in fact was his wife Beryl]), Heracles, Einstein (Albert), Minotaur, Jesus Christ with his 12 disciples (they denied him thrice before the cock crowed) as well as Odysseus (from the Troy's mythology) with his 12 comrades-in-arms (on the Cyclops' island)...
     However, Hellish people have hidden the part of our real history and, instead, they let here some of their fabrications. But maybe they calculated them so well, that it looks inconspicuously and naturally, because most of the time normal people believe in them. In spite of it, I hope that sometimes during these calculations some mistakes were done (please look e.g. at the names of the USA's presidents, one thing they have in common: … Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama).
     My so-far-last finding is a suspicion of the use of surnames beginning with a "N", mainly "No", in our language "Ne", which can indicate something negative. The question remains for me about the use of (forenames and) surnames beginning with an "A" – a letter that is used in the names of the continents of our planet (America, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Arctic zone and the Antarctica).
     Besides, I speculate about that that the secret co-operators more often use surnames that are created by forenames, and they more often change their surname into that of their wife.
     The next fact are the English names of some evil things: Attack, War, Kill, Terror and Hell. Were these words with two repeated letters next to each other invented by the evil ones that are two times (and then even for the first time)?
     So far I do not have more information about the names and surnames of the informers of "Hellish Police", this is still insufficient and with some mistakes. Please, take the picture of this article by your mobile phone and upload that picture on the Internet, they have disconnected me from it long time ago already and I do not have access to it (they did not want me to show there things that could discover them before the public).

Bonus: The last words in movie "They Live", indicating Hellish people, are using the Hellish meaning of letters: "Hey, what's wrong baby?"


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