Explanation Related to Supergodly Ball

     When I have got to know, that the "Allorganism" is a giant Ball with a closed reality inside of itself, it was a shock for me. For a long time I was absorbing this information and did not know, what to do with it. For years, I was writing books and articles, in which I was claiming that there is but the "Allorganism" and, all of a sudden, I am to claim that it is not so? Now, before my highly probable "going crazy", so that it would look like some rubbish that was born in the head of a future lunatic? I was helpless.
     But I put the information about the Ball into my private notes ("TOK Dodatek 8" Cislo 29; I have started with it in the end of September and I have closed it in the beginning of December last year, whereas in the displayed sample there is covered one private information that I did not want to publish so far).

     What I had been writing in my books and articles about the "Allorganism" (also in the newer ones like "The Formula of the Allorganism" or "The Empty Total Sum"), it is not valid for Endless Spaces, that is for the whole existence, but only for the inside of our Supergodly Ball. Apart from this information the texts of these articles are in fact okay, since I had an inspiration and some knowledge of this environment.