Empty Window in Music

(Version 2.0)

     There are many beautiful songs in the world, but when we take a closer look at them all, we will notice several important things that are wrong.

     Three main "rotten things" in music:

     1. No songs sing about such a soul stealing like at home by a relative or care person, or by personnel in the institutes where people die and similarly.

     2. Too few songs sing about the most intensely suffering people (about those who suffer in the biggest pain and no one will help them) and about what they feel inside. Above all, I have in mind those who suffer from a heavy physical pain (above all, there are great many songs about a suffering from love for a person of opposite gender).
     But which songs sing about all the details of what such a terribly-suffering person, for instance someone who is fully paralyzed, exactly feels? How he is incapable of the slightest movement, how he cannot say that his tooth has just began to hurt like Hell and that he wants a different food than he has been given?
     Naturally, both physical and spiritual suffering is terrible. But only very few spiritual pains will hurt as much as e.g. a backbone closed on a nerve, a hot iron that is burning the body or heavy muscle spasms. I think that the most intensive physical pain is worse than all the spiritual pains.

     3. Many songs join good melody with stupid and/or unsuitable words. For example, a melody of sympathy accompanied by text about love for some girl, Heavenly melody accompanied by words about some unserious things of life and so on. However, hardly any song expresses "Heavenly things" truly.

     It looks as if the soul stealing, the most intensely suffering people and the true information related to Heaven (and Hell) were three subjects, which is almost forbidden to sing about truly. So the look at the present music suggests a system that prevents our soul from getting the proper inner attitude toward the above-mentioned things.
     You know, if normal people would regularly listen to Heavenly melodies accompanied by words containing the corresponding Heavenly wisdom, it would make them "be on the same wavelength" with real Heaven making their souls more compatible with its environment. So such music would develop their souls correctly and it would also make their chances for Salvation higher.
     In conclusion, the essence of this "empty window" in music reminds me the most famous religions, which will give you anything but the truth that is forbidden for you to know. Both Hellish music and Hellish religions prevent normal people from any complete spiritual growth. And deliberately.


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