I, Pavel Kastl, do not have any access to a normally-functioning Internet, I watch false news and modified movies, and I am not sure about the abilities of my phone. It is a reason why I cannot get in touch with the world media to tell them some facts about my case, like the following, for example:

     - I experienced three unbearable things. The first of them - an illness (the irritation of nerves probably caused by the backbone) - came into existence naturally since I was 22 and it was unbearable, but I was helped by a stranger and by another illness that decreased the effect of the first one. Without this help I would collapse completely.

     - Since about 2001 there was a slightly deadly energetic impact on my brain (including an opened parallel world inside of me, which is a secret thing similarly to the UFO that Hellish people have). However, my neurological deviations made it possible for me to survive (in those old years people were shocked that I am still functioning).

     - In 2002-2003 real Hellish people were after me and then together with the impact on my brain all the normal people were sent to pretend before me and to lie to me to make me suspect them all of being Hellish, too. This created the impression that it only seems to me that Hellish people exist and that they are after me.

     - In 2009 there was a strong chemical impact (we had to trash my clothes, the strong vapors could not have been removed by a washing machine), which makes brain cells die gradually and turns the impulses so that they become reversed, at a later stage such a person can remove his eyes, ears, sexual organ, dislocate his joints, attack himself in hallucinations etc.

     - I have noticed an unfair attitude toward my case. For example, a bit stronger chemicals were used instead of the allowed ones only and the consequences were attributed to my mental disease that I do not have (the Czech people knowing it are afraid to testify).
     I believe there is a cheating TV show about me with fake videos made by clever arrangements, above all. Out of their preparations I can mention a few examples that I have noticed:
     People near me started to cough and at the same time colorless "coughing gas" was released before me and I started to cough as well (looking like I was following the behavior of those coughing people); a blonde woman was crossing the traffic lights with a red light, where I was expected to cross it like that, too (in the evenings with a low traffic I have done it before already), but it had looked like I was following that woman because she had blonde hairs; or Hellish people knew that I have Russian articles in my bag and the only woman that spoke Russian near me had blonde hairs, so that it was probable that I will address her and not the other women around me with dark hairs that did not speak Russian; there were many different tricks making me look like I was strangely addressed by blonde hairs. Regardless of whether or not I was, in advance there was an order to create videos showing that I have such a disorder.
     Such cheats are sometimes easy to be made. For instance, when they wanted me to look like a crazy guy, many times they presented something abnormal like nonsensical information, a strange or loud sound, or a naked woman. After some time I ceased to react to it, which made me look crazily.
     Hellish people are the top cheaters. If there was an excellent psychic that would set up some good plan how to improve our human society and at the same time Hellish people considered him an obstacle, they would be able to create a TV broadcast showing that psychic like someone who does many mistakes and his plan like something sick. Then the public would start to be focused against that psychic and would agree with his self-mutilation, for example.

     You know, I was brought by the Circle of Stars to the Holy Land in which God and his Holy Council dwell (and from which they manage the events going on in our Universe) and they have elected me. Later there were the Guardians of the Sanctuary of God and Supergod. These highest Spiritual Creatures gave me some wisdom, but the treacherous Czech people were spoiling my spiritual work.
     Anyway, all the public must have my writings (mainly the last e-book about love and all the newer articles). The wisdom & explanations they hide are incredible.


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