Crime And Punishment

(old article)

     All through the ages, the same scenario is repeated: somebody committed a crime, hurt by it somebody else and then he is punished for it, whereas the both of them suffer - both the victim and the criminal.
     As it is known, a violence - crime and punishment in given case - begets another violence. And this sizable scenario does not solve the always-repeating cycle of crime and punishment at all.
      Let the law-makers and various impersonators and executors of imperfect and to my opinion wrong human "justice" realize, that the Right and Justify Court over each crime should consist of the following:

     1. The judging of the convicted.

     2. The judging of the bad spirit who forced the convicted to commit a crime (crimes are always committed - through people - by evil spirits).

     3. The judging of him who sent the bad spirit to force the convicted to commit a crime = the judging of the highest bad spirits.

     4. The judging of the God for ordering the highest bad spirits to send the bad spirit to force the convicted to commit a crime.

     5. The judging of the Highest Universal Might (Precreator, newly Supergod - comment) for commanding the God to command it to the highest bad spirits.

     6. The sentence and affranchise of all.

     This only right court would make the only right verdict regardless of what crime it would deal with! - and that would be this one: "All are convicted and are not convicted, all are found guilty and affranchised." This from the reason that anything is linked with everything and anything is the result of all the other and so are all the crimes.
     As for the solution to crimes in human society, I know three ways of atonement:

     1) The only fully efficient one, although to my dismay unrealisable, is a way back through the time and prevention of the crime.

     2) The temporary and only partial atonement of the crime is the increase of happiness in another life of the victim's soul.

     3) A real solution for our future is the cancellation of the alternating of excessive good and excessive evil (since every of these two opposites forces its own opposite to come to existence = excessive good forces excessive evil like its opposite to occur and excessive evil beget not only excessive good like its opposite but also another excessive evil to be repeated itself) or the interruption of our Karma = a change and a reshuffle of the way by which we all exist - of the whole human society in the way that no crimes would be committed in it any more.


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