Content of Amen

A Couple Of Words As An Introduction
Fairy Stories Or Reality
The World's Mafia
How Are Religions Made
They Will Get Rid Of Those In Their Way
Few Words On The Hunting Of Souls
Some Tricks Of Soul Hunters
What Is Magic
White And Black Magic In The AllOrganism
Black Magic
Why Is Black Magic Stronger Than The White One
Deadly Eyes
Reversed Thinking, Mirror And Circle
How To Damage The Demoniacal World And It's Human Servants
Holy Eyes
Lukewarm Harmony
Jesus And Love for Neighbors
Excessive Global Suffering And Those Who Like It That Way
Fight For Help To The Most Suffering
How To Reach A Global Lukewarmly-Harmonic Happiness
A Global Lukewarmly-Harmonic Health
The Secret Of Lukewarm Harmony
Elimination Of Excessive Evil
Prayer For Our Universe
Lukewarm Harmony
True Christianity
Holy Trinity
How To Properly Pray
How To Properly Live
True Christianity
The Victory Of The Lamb - The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ
The Secret Of Salvation
An Open Letter To The Masters Of Holy Stars
Tactics For The Confusing Of The Enemy
Virgins And Male virgins
Why The Best And Most Holy Must Often Get Spoiled
Ten Commandments, Baptism And Sabbath Day
Jesus Christ
The Spirit Of Truth
Wise Guidance
What Is Lord Like


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