Basic Wisdom (Leaflet)

     Long long time ago, in "Endless Spaces" there were self-loving Creatures who have gradually developed there and who decided that they will live forever. For ages they had been searching the source of their eternal life until they finally found it.
     First of first, they have determined their ideal age and the ideal state of health at that age, which in practice means information about the exact condition and position of all the micro particles of their body.
     Then the Creatures made giant Balls to regenerate in them and to keep themselves at that ideal age and the condition by means of all the stories that are going on in these Balls. And we, together with our Universe, are finding ourselves in one of them.
     When young, I used to call it "Allorganism" and I did not know that it has got borders. Today, I call it "Supergodly Ball" (hereinafter referred to as Ball). And the Creature that regenerates in it I used to call "Precreator", and today "Supergod". I did not have a clue that our Universe (it is oval and a line gets curved in it, which suggests many things) is located in a giant Ball and that beyond its borders there is another, even bigger world. But I knew that everything here is predestined and I have described a lot of things in my books very well. For I had a subconscious remembrance of some information that were once shown to my soul in "The Land of Stars".
     To say it very simply, our Universe is assigned a potential that comes true by the life of all the creatures existing in it (similarly like some other mystics, also I was using the expression "Central Cosmic Soul"). This potential has got a human part (it is experienced gradually by all the living people, whilst every one of them experiences a different piece of it than others, and Astrology can give us a clue, which one), but also other diverse parts.
     These particular parts of this potential need a certain piece of relatedness and affinity, so that there must be for instance an erotic love between the piece of "human part", which is a man, and the piece of "animal part", which is an animal. And that is why in the world there must appear somebody who has a zoophilia. And because the particular parts of the potential of our Universe must be experienced complexly, it happens that for instance a middle-aged man experiences an erotic love for children or contrarily for old people (see "Věkové sexuální deviace" from my old book "Tajemství lásky" that was complemented by "Další Tajemství lásky").
     There is "The Picture of Human Souls" that shows the degree of their subjective happiness and unhappiness in the course of one cycle of stories in our Ball. This "Picture" has got a "Heavenly (light) third", a "Hellish (dark) third" (it includes not only the evil that people experienced here on Earth under the influence of Hellish people & creatures, but also the suffering of human souls in the Hell), and a "Mixed third" (it is half-light except for one problematic place in it). The overall amount of the subjective happiness (= light color) and unhappiness (= dark color) of human souls is approximately around zero, more exactly just below it, which is a small minus (perhaps -2 or -4 percent).
     Mankind consists of two kinds of people, the normal and the Hellish. It can be said that in majority the Hellish lead it here and also the most of technical achievements were invented by them (thus advanced health service and weapons of mass destruction, too). They have got a Hellish humanoid soul instead of a normal human one and their endeavor is to build up a well functioning, developed human society, with regular pieces of evil occurring in it (occasional wars and terrorism, artificially created personal unhappiness of some people, the prevention of euthanasia from being legalized, here and there poverty), which serves the Hell. Hellish people imply it sometimes, for instance in the end of movie "Císařův Pekař & Pekařův Císař" with Jan Werich in a double role (do not let us forget that they are "twice"), where Golem helps people to bake the bread, which in given case indicates that in many terrestrial works we find the piece of Hell.
     By means of official education, books, magazines, religions and other, Hellish people inform the normal public well only about a part of things (practical knowledge and various technical observations), whereas about the other part wrongly or not at all (they overrate some values and underrate the other, they keep hidden the truth of their nation as well as various spiritual knowledge related to it; they never publish some important facts, for instance about a secret technology they have got or about a human psychology).

     Lesson: The point in human life is in everything in man's life. Every feeling and every thought help to keep the course of events in this Ball in accordance with an exact calculation (or, if you like, Plan or Destiny). It is in charge of either "preserving cycles" (= the preservation of Supergod in the age and state of health that are ideal and always the same; he can repeat them as much long as he wants, since from the viewpoint of eternity, any time is nothing) or "regenerative" (= one- or more time regeneration from a worse state of health into the original one, if Supergod leaved this Ball and was staying out of it, and his condition got worse during it).

     Bonus – edited and translated samples from book "Dalsi Tajemstvi lasky" (= "Another Mystery of Love"): All our loves, existing inside of this Ball, have their origin in its owner – Supergod. And, as a matter of fact, they are his love for him himself. They use to come into existence in such a way, that the love contained in his personality splits up into many particles, out of which every single one is then modified and "gets some additional values", in order to appear in plants, and in living and spiritual creatures.
     Supergod is complex and loves himself fully. But imagine what it would be like if also you were more complex and included in yourselves all the loves that in ideal case others have for you: Love of your parents for you, love of your husband/wife for you, of your children, of your best friend, of relatives, of domestic animals, and so on.
     "Imagine that all these loves for you are a part of your complex personality and that their potential is included in it. Then you can easily manage to be without others, then you have no need to be loved be somebody else, since there is already someone, who loves you completely: You…
     …It will sound crazily, but to need the love of others is a disorder. It is an illness. It means that you are not complete, that you are a fragment."

     The Supergod's feelings go "from him to him", smoothly, by a spherical system, and he is most well-off when alone with himself and he understands himself fully: "Who is perfectly with him himself, he is not alone, but on the contrary with all those that he needs."
     Contrariwise man is in comparison with Supergod limited, set to a lesser extent to "from him to him" and more to "from him to others and back". That is why in the majority of cases he needs to experience his love together with others.

     Comment: If the above-mentioned is right and the source of this wisdom is one and only person in the world, he must be a big obstacle to Hellish people and they will want to get rid of him. It is the reason for more things and one of them is a misleading TV show about that person to turn the public’s opinion, an extremely important factor, against him.


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