You have spent much of your time by watching the partially-cheating TV show about me and you all have judged me, but you should spend some time by reading my defense and explanation, too.

     In the last century, I have perhaps invented a bit of cure for some incurable illnesses and required the legalization of euthanasia. I have written much of support for all the suffering people, too.
     However, "Hellish Police" came and affected me (in 1996 by the simulation of the death of my female friend together with a detrimental radiation sent into me in that stress situation; another detrimental radiation was used in 2000 and above, but I started to write about "Hellish people" only since 2003). I was in such a pressure, that normal behavior was excluded. Many videos of my bad actions were taken, especially of those toward close relatives and the dog. The majority of this behavior was caused by a strong impact on my person and the minority by the fact that I am naturally worse in this respect (from Astrological viewpoint, I have got a damaged sign of Cancer – a symbol of family and close people).
     Just as a matter of interest, there is an energy that causes a young loving mother to get fluctuations in the positive relationship toward her child and she can suddenly hit it or even throw it out of the window. And, by the way, I am the combination of this with a brain damage (after it I started to bite my dog, for example).
     Now what I am like naturally. Both good and evil: the Might that has elected me is related both to the Heaven and to the Hell. And I somehow include the both. By the way, since my neck backbone pressed on my nerves (now I am referring to a "delayed perception of a movement" that made me end a martial art training), I display a fear of men – a cowardly behavior.
     I said there was an impact on me. Because I was too strong mentally and survived everything, the "Hellish Police" has done several extremes to me to let me lose at any price. I suppose that the following actions were exaggerated - illegal:

     - (2001 and several years after it) Harmful energy in a high value, exceptionally deadly, that killed some of the other victims who had the same "treatment" like I had (maybe they are recorded as a natural death). And a little addition to it.

     - (2005) I was infected with Chlamydia trachomatis, forcing me to think about my crotch and about my eyes.

     - (The beginning of 2009) During some time, the surface of my oven used to be sprayed by a detrimental thing only slightly and when the "Hellish Police" saw that I am still controlling myself, it possibly overstepped the law and increased the concentration. Suddenly I slept 11 hours in a very strong vapor and awakened changed a bit. There was a colorless fluid on the oven's surface when it became hot (the room's door and windows were closed, it was in the winter). And one time there was something on my cooker what somewhat burned my bronchi and made the muscles became heavy. Some of my clothes had to be thrown into the dustbin, the washing machine failed to remove the vapor from them.

     - After this poisoning there was a neurological thing in my cigarettes, causing an anxiety and little muscles problems (including a twitch in the eyes and some troubles to urinate). The gases outside were too strong, I ceased to walk my dog. He was without walks and without a sufficient toilet. When I opened the window to air my room, there was a drug smell. Even in the hot summer (35 degrees centigrade inside) I could not normally open the window and we both (I and my long-coated dog requiring a colder weather) had to stay in the too hot house (my father did not allow us to go for a walk in the middle of the night, only in the day, when people were awake and were spraying the gases).

     If my explanation of the following reached the public, I am honored and saved. If not, I am lost.

     - Several principles and rules, by means of which Hellish people rule our world for thousands of years (already the old history records [sometimes a fake] and myths are using the same secret mathematical coverage like today's things)

     - Secret system, by means of which Hellish people co-arrange evil events and wars + their secret signature hidden in them

     - Many famous people from our history, seemingly independent and with different goals, used a secret signature of Hellish people, among which they belonged

     - Secret signs in movies (for example, the last episodes of famous TV series hide a "Reminder of Hell")

     - Slightly harmful sub-conscious codes in movies, songs and ancient matters

     - Actions that somewhat damage the life happiness of many innocent people

     - Secret observation of normal people, the violation of their right for privacy and advices on how to protect it

     - The work of a male and of a female element

     - Sexual deviations and extremes in love

     - Root diversions and equalization (a man, a woman, and an androgyne & a Heavenly human being)

     - The production of erotic particles both in the sexual and in the nonsexual relationships

     - Virginity (no-, low-level and high-level sexual experiences and their influence upon people's spiritual condition; I myself had some fondling and kissing with women, but a full sexual intercourse and an ejaculation in a full consciousness were not there; I started to masturbate only after I have got to know the Supergod, till the end of 2013 I was only ejaculating in the sleep)

     - The number of the informers of Secret Police that regularly are the friends and relatives of normal people

     - Two new martial arts ("IBU" and "Cesta Pantera")

     - Two new social systems ("Lukewarm Harmony" and "IBU's Social Feudalism")

     - The transfer of a specific cellular immunity from a donor to a done (my invention from the last century that combines two groups of factors: the first manages a physical compatibility and creates several intermediate stages between the two people, and the other finishes the process of overcoming the difference between them to make the transfer work; the natural immunity of exceptional individuals can be possessed by all the people)

     - The necessity of the legalization of euthanasia (my requirement from the last century)

     - Special factors that decrease the possibility of injury or even make it impossible, even if people risk and do not observe the security rules


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