All Main Religions Are Wrong

(old notes, any error is possible, sorry for the offensive words)

     Old exaggerated reflection that, however, has some good points:

     "If someone created nicely-looking religions, promising that you will have a nice time after your death and at the same time he would be stealing your souls, he himself living on the energy produced by their suffering, is it true that he would try to conceal this fact from you, whatever the cost? And if you have got to know it, is it true that you would start to defend those souls of yours?
     Of course, that man would try to hide his bad intentions, but even if he was as good a president as Barack Obama; even if he made us laugh as heartily as Rowan Atkinson; even if he played for us in movies as excellently as Kristanna Loken; even if he represented Christianity as perfectly as Joseph Ratzinger; and even if he did take care of the sick and dying as wonderfully as Mother Teresa, despite this it would not prevent his bad intentions from becoming known one day!"

     What uses to be done to make you believe in a lie? Almost everything!
     The Dark Mafia will choose someone who looks trustfully and he will then give you new faith a fake one (or someone who does not belong to the Mafia will become a founder of some new belief, but it must be wrong in order to be tolerated). I also believe that they have manipulated with our history to suppress many pieces of true knowledge. Always remember that what is here famous and popular, it must be wrong! If not, it would be at least damaged if not fully destroyed.
     As for the manipulation with our history-records, it is possible that the World's Devilish Mafia had chosen several of its members to work here like successful history experts in the field of what people are to believe in, in order to make some little interventions for the purpose of suppression of some information that they did not want people to know.
     Although I myself used to use excerpts from famous religions to give what I claim some bigger weight, despite this I have to damn them all if I consider every single one of them as a whole. None of them is good enough to teach you. I do not know all the religions and beliefs, but out of the several ones that I have got to know a little, I can easily see their faultiness and superficiality. I will use several illustrative examples:

     The Knowledge Book (World Brotherhood Union): It speaks about planned existence of cells which we consist of, on the other hand it speaks about a (very big) free will = nonsense. If cells are planned, the more has to be planned the man as a whole!

     Raymond A. Moody: I have read only little from him, but I cannot believe some of his patients' stories, which seem to be the Dark Mafia's members (those of them who had some accident or serious illness then claimed to see this or that during their near death experience), added into the Moody's work on purpose.

     (Why am I claiming this? Not only from the reason that Moody is obviously one of Hellish people, which is clearly seen, but there is one more reason. Now and then, a mighty spiritual advisor came over to me for a short visit like every year and he had shown him to me. I was told how some people had their hidden agreement how to lie and what testimony give away to make other people believe in it. At that time, it was a real surprise to me, because I did not know Hellish people very well yet.)

     Christianity : Jesus Christ as the only way and our (free) will as the factor to decide if we will follow or not? Only uninformed people can believe it!

     Islam: One-sided superficial explanation again. Not enough to lead you. The same deficiency is valid for Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and Jehovah's Witnesses.

     Abd-Ru-Shin: Nope, though the idea of a Holy Grail is not fully wrong. We know the energetic centers of the spiritual world and their possible interconnection with our world, but the related laws described by him and his other talking are more wrong than correct. Who had read his message, he must know what I am speaking about.

      and/or , also beliefs in native or more gods: Although being more wrong than correct, it has its piece of a real truth, how it is explained in my book Mozaika moudrosti (The Mosaic of Wisdom), chapter Tajemstvi starych bohu (The Secret of Old Gods).

     Buddhism and Taoism: Somewhat good explanation and understanding of the Creation and its essence, but it is missing many practical and important facts related to our existence.

     Cosmic people: Such teachings about contacts with UFOs and how they care of us and how they will save us often uses to be a fake of Hellish people as well.

     (If I really wanted, I could mention anything religious what is believed in this world and then show its insufficiency and untruthfulness. What is written in my spiritual books is above all this world's religions.)


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