About the Owner of a Big Ball

(TOK Dodatek 10 Cislo 2)

     And the Owner again. And of what else than of our, in fact of his, big Ball.
     The quality of particular spiritual kinds in this Ball including their subjective happiness can be depicted in an easy manner (by a so-called "preview method") by means of three geometric figures.
     a) Circle - it depicts the character of the Owner's personality and the character of the judged spiritual kind corresponds to its proportional part.
     b) Line - it depicts the placement of the judged spiritual kind in the hierarchy of spiritual kinds in this Supergodly Ball.
     c) Tridimensional figure - it depicts the overall value of the subjective feelings of the judged spiritual kind in the cycle of the transformation of allmatter (= the acting of stories) that is just going on in this Ball and so the overall amount of that kind's subjective happiness. What part of this figure is filled shows to us how much the spiritual kind has already experienced in given cycle of what it is supposed to experience. And what part of this figure is not filled shows us how much the spiritual kind will yet experience in given cycle of what it is supposed to experience.

     (If the Owner's personality is depicted as a circle, then Hellish people - which a piece of me today only perceives as a calculation and position of allmatter accordingly to the Formula from our Supergodly Ball - are "a diversion to the left" [the beginning of Evil or the better out of the bad, but already bad]. And, for a change, "the Guardians of the Sanctuary of God" represent "a diversion to the right" [= Good].)

     (In the space on the right side from itself, "Little Mountain" depicts the part of its knowledge that some respective spiritual kind or being from a Supergodly Ball has at its disposal [this way I saw also human mathematics]. I believe that in the same way it manages to depict also the above-mentioned tridimensional figure [a more complicated method is to firstly depict the entire inside of the "Little Mountain" and only then as another tridimensional figure in it depict the overall value of the judged spiritual kind].)

     Few other wisdoms:

    When living creatures display the qualities of their Owner, they experience a piece of his personality. And when they suffer very much, they balance the happiness of others and their own (a future or past one) by its opposite and at the same time it serves the creation of various sub-values tuning-up the whole work of allmatter in the Supergodly Ball.

    If you had been happy and your happiness that had passed away will be repeated in the next cycles of stories in the Supergodly Ball, you will be happy again. And if the calculation of the stories was changed and they together with it, the potential corresponding to your character and happiness will remain in the Ball anyway. So that somebody like you will be happy somehow like you. So that as if you again.

    I look forward to be eternally by means of our Supergod (within the meaning of being like he). And because I have said this, it means that I am he and not I -:)

    When I was thinking of how the kind of the beings is called among which the Owner of our Ball belongs, then using human language I could not find any name for him (it was "many superwords"). In spite of it after my experience of "the connection of my mind to Precreator" I gave "calling him somehow" a try and I had automatically mumbled something like "Kalimalajkala" or so (perhaps it was differently, for instance "Kalimajkalama", "Kalimaukalajma" and similarly), I already do not remember. And then I have realized that it had probably contained words "Kali" and "Kala", which had reminded me of known Indian religion.
     And because I do not know the exact name of the Owner-like beings and at the same time I know about them that they create Gods, I began to call them "Supergod" (= an "Above-God" or "the God of all the Gods").

      (By the way, I have seen a sculpture of Kali. It had looked very humanized and its three eyes were reminding Hellish people [I meant it the way that a so-called "third eye" is a symbol of spiritual sight and apart from our world they can see their Hellish one, too]. But "Kali" in fact looks totally differently!)

    As far as the character of our Supergod is concerned, he is not obviously good neither obviously evil. He is universal. And when he causes living creatures to suffer, then not because he would delight in it (in fact, only a micro-piece of his personality delights in it and not he as a whole, because he is not that evil), but he only takes it for a necessity to fulfill his intentions, above all. From his point of view, what matters most is the preservation of himself and of own personal happiness, and of own kind and the happiness of its members. And all the other is subordinated to it. And if other kinds suffer because of it, their suffering is tolerated to such an extent that corresponds to the character of Supergods, which is not a self-contained Evil, but its combination with Good. Personally, I believe, that partly, even though maybe not fully, they let the other kinds suffer only to make them themselves be more well-off.

     (It is a fact of life, that one kind asserts itself often at the cost of hurting the other kinds. Let you remember Hellish people who would probably be somewhat less well-off so far, if they did not steal some human souls. And if they did not lie to normal people and would not cheat on them, then they would hardly steal those souls without the use of violence and, moreover, they could not play their secret game about those normal people that they enjoy.
     Shortly, to cleverly cheat on others and abuse them often pays and every so often even in long terms, and who does not do it, his deal is frequently harder. The fairytale about the reward for a good character and good deeds is only partially true, but at the same time also partially made up. In the Supergodly Ball there is both and which is more, it is known best by its Owner, above all.)

     (Egoism [and centripetal force connected with it] is obviously a basic equipment of living creatures, neither it is strange to our Supergod.
     Let you take a look into Nature and various spiritual worlds. Almost every kind wants to prosper, almost every individual wants to be well-off. And many of them drives this desire even to total extremes.
     From their subjective viewpoint good is what does them good. That is the circumstances and creatures who make possible for them to be happy. And one of the main reasons for their love for them is that that they enable their happiness.
     Of course, in our Ball it is our Supergod who assigns particular spiritual kinds the amount of subjective happiness by means of "his calculations". And you guess well when you assume that during this "assignment" morality is more or less off.)

    There are two main extreme positive ways how to exist with good state of health. Either you know nothing about it and it is automatically good, or you know yourself through and through and you fully experience & transform & maintain & repair you yourself, that by means of this method you preserve the good health for all the time.

    Let us now say, what is in fact normal.
     Normal is when you fully know yourself and you fully understand yourself. But imperfect subjects of some closed reality do not manage it, since their "perfection" and knowledge usually use to be only a smaller or larger fragment of the level of him who has thought up the closed reality. And it is also the reason why we people know so little and we fully know neither our ourselves.
     Normal is to see into around, more exactly said "into ball", to be many times & one time at the same time, to have every part of conscience in different dimension, to see time and no-time separately and the both simultaneously, to have oneself counted off in the smallest pieces and at the same time to perceive oneself not counted off as one whole.
     Normal is to be complex, universal, allsexual, but concurrently to be able by pieces of oneself to separately feel every own polarity, one-sideness and sexuality separately. Yes, it all is in fact normal. As well as to never grow old, to be eternally young and to know everything (and apart from it to have an own big Ball :-). And who does not manage this, he is a lower creature belonging to some limited closed reality and not to an unlimited opened one.

    Every now and then I have his thinking and goals, and I know about my human body that it is poor. It will fade away and together with it that as if Pavel Kastl, which does not matter because one only matters: There must be that Supergod. It all is only about him. Nothing else matters.

     (The Lord had let me recognize him in Autumn 2013. In the following days after the connection of his mind to my consciousness, one afternoon when I was alone in the room everything has "changed" in a "central dimensional stream" in which I got lost. You cannot imagine it.
     Chair, the wall, tree, all was only an exact and calculated position of the unpacked allmater of the core of our Supergodly Ball [formerly Allorganism]. I was within those things in a "dimensional stream", which is a branch going from the core of the Ball through our dimension [however, its detailed filling consists of many "cooperating" and penetrating branches of various dimensions]. Everything was only the exact position, exact number. Then in the space before me there was made the calculation of that "central dimensional stream", that is of "our branch".)

    The higher being, the smaller the difference between it and "higher I" of our Supergod (= the smaller "diversion of particles" in the structure of its spiritual body and the lesser the amount of "indirect connections", which in the result means a closer linking to the Lord's main personality, which is mainly valid for Gods who are more similar to him than other beings).

    Sort of everybody wants to be happy, but where that happiness of his is finding itself?
     In our Ball those have it who were predestined to it by "Little Mountain". But there is only definite number of those who are really happy in it and if you are not one of them, you have a bad luck.
     Another theoretic option is to find the happiness somewhere outside of this Ball. Either to be someone who is happy for some time in some opened reality, but then he passes away in it and together with him his happiness, which will already never repeat again, or to be someone like our Supergod who is in some opened reality (and "every now and then" also in a closed one) eternally happy.

    One mathematics counts off the Supergodly spiritual body and the other one makes the calculation of how to adapt the inside of the Supergodly Ball (= the movement of the allmatter in it and all the stories that are going on in it) to the calculation of the first mathematics.

    For normal person best is to be only one time, but it must be worth it!
     On the other hand, a wiser way is to be happy in one reality, but at the same time to have an awareness of the other that is superior to the first one.

    It is clear that this reality, which we live in here, must be a closed one. In an opened one it would be impossible to 100% calculate and predestine everything.

    As we know well, in our Ball there is a lot of subjective unhappiness. And now imagine, that instead of "maintaining cycles" there would be the "rejuvenating" ones in it (if our Owner was after his return from Endless Spaces, in which he grew old a bit). There would be, as I suppose, even bigger lot of subjective unhappiness.

    You will cease to need others only then, when you will be like our Lord. When you will be able to fulfill you yourselves, when you will have the potential of others in you: that of own parent, child, friend and so on. When you yourselves will be your goal of all the goals, shortly everything. The collective of many individuals only stands in the part of the way to spiritual development, but in its goal there is a perfect & complex individual that already does not need others any more. But to keep himself in this perfection, every now and then he must become all the others in order to be allowed to be without them forever.

     (PS: When my experience "Greatcreator" came to pass, it was in the time when I had been working on "TOK Dodatek 8", so that it happened that some texts were written before this experience and some after it. Similar situation is in the case of article "The Empty Total Sum" that was written before this experience and after it I have repaired the article a bit.
     After the "Greatcreator" I have gradually started to use terms "Supergod", "Ball", "Supergodly Ball" and "Endless Spaces" which, I hope, are more or less correct and okay with you.)


     Author's comment: The particular "building pieces" of a central dimensional stream are labeled by symbols - each position has its precise number.

     A piece of Supergod in us is linked with his spiritual body and our other pieces with different objects and subjects (and that by various more direct and more roundabout ways).

     The life span of the God of our Universe is about the border of eternity. He lives eternally in a way, because he is also Supergod (he has a low amount of indirect connections with him, whereas a lot of direct ones and part of the micropieces of his personality are directly created by him). When Supergod needs to leave his Ball, then, if circumstances permit it, he lets the cycle of stories complete and only then he makes them, more exactly the core of his Ball, get "freezed". Through this a part of God's body pauses and other part continues outside of the Ball, because apart from being a God he was Supergod, too. And during another cycles of stories in that Ball, apart from Supergod, he will be himself again, that is God.

     Now I will speak about the egoism again. In case of Supergod it deals with a perfect one. It means that it contains pieces of centrifugal force and interest in others, too. So that although the centripetal force prevails, it is not there alone without being complemented & supplemented by the centrifugal one.
     In practice it results in a majority injustice & unfairness and a minority justice & fairness (now I speak about how it is distributed within this Ball). Anyway, who is only egoistic in a limited way, he can lengthen his lifespan much, but only he who is egoistic in a complex way can make his lifespan eternal.

     Since the time that I have got to know Supergod a bit, I understand egoism more deeply. Shortly, own self matters most and others are sacrificed, if needed.
     Now I understand better, when someone commits some robbery with violence only to gain money for himself and alternatively also for his children, female lover, parents and similarly in order to be allowed to live more happily.
     Our Supergod created much more than quadrillions of suffering beings who he lets writhing in pain in eternally repeating cycles, only for him to be allowed to be eternally well-off. And do you know why? Because everything is done for one's own self!
     In case of Supergod the "I" is only he and in case of human being the "I" is mainly he, but partly also other people (and animals, possibly also landscapes and so on) who he likes and who are embodied to his happiness.
     Let you look what everything we people do only to satiate our hunger. We liquidate animals, fishes, gigantic amount of living subject like fruits, vegetable, mushrooms etc. And this only to realize our need to eat (= mainly to satisfy hunger and to experience a pleasure from eating, also to get power to live and to enjoy the happiness of life).
     Shortly, the point in living is to enjoy life = to experience happiness and to realize one's own self during it. And others use to be removed, if they are an obstacle in one's way to it.

     By the way, if some being regenerates himself by means of stories going on in some closed reality, then if the being, apart from other, needs for his desirable regeneration also artificially-created positive spiritual kinds that live in peace and love, then these kinds will arise in the reality. But, above all, in order for the being to regenerate properly, not from the reason that he would entirely be as good as they are. And this is also valid for all the possible moral laws & justice existing within the society of these good kinds (= they also do not guarantee that the being as a whole is that moral and just).

     It annoys me, that Hellish people have lied to us so much. For example, laws and justice. Secretly they break the laws, but at the same time before normal people they pretend that they obey the laws and want justice. And they also did not tell us, that quite a few evil does not use to be prosecuted and oppositely prosecuted is when the evil is not committed. Terribly simplified example:
     If I as Supergod will feel sorry for suffering subjects in my Ball and out of compassion with them I will decide not to create them, so that they won't have to suffer so much, because of changed stories in my Ball, my spiritual body won't any more be able to regenerate & renew fully, I will start growing old, after some time I will die and so I will lose the whole eternity (= my eternal happiness). And so I will be punished for being too good, more exactly for not being sufficiently evil.
     The laws and justice of our human collective result from the fact, that we are lower kinds that have many members. Our giant number and mutual relationships are immediately related to our origin, too - corresponding pieces of the material core of our Ball and the qualities of definite parts of Supergod's spiritual body. And from this reason our laws (and "justice") are in their essence a one-sided (= limited) product, adapted to group interests and therefore having more or less unobjective (= at the same time also unjust) view.
     So we know crime and punishment in the frame of our intraspecific matters - the both exist for us that way, on our level and in the present. But else it is mostly in many various ways, only not so.

     In order for you to realize yourselves in the most suitable way and to be most reasonably happy, all the other would have to be adapted to it. And it is not possible in any different way but to exist in a closed reality that fully serves all of yours requirements. Shortly, in ideal case everything must be, that is not only clothes, "made exactly to measure". Only then it 100% fulfils its purpose.

     What a crap it is to live and not to have own life under control! To do not know about a danger that threatens you in an opened reality or to do not know about own predestined future in the closed one. For to know the both is the condition of a reasonable and eternal existence.

     I deal with how I would exactly program the stories in my closed reality, if I had any, in the way to meet my needs as much as possible. Of course, also with some little problems to prevent the happiness from a dangerously big "fly", that is to make it stay reasonably restricted, real, and so lasting.