A Couple of Secrets

     The impression of independence There is a special computer that helps to write some of the books that are said to be written by the most famous people, that composes melodies and texts for many of the best singers and musical bands, and that computes the use of many "Reminders of Hell" in movies and TV series. And because every such a work of this computer looks differently than all the other, it gives the impression of the work of many independent people.

     The perfect human society There is a potential that particular people are to experience in their lives by means of everything what they feel and a part of this potential corresponds to their subjective happiness. Ideally, this part is divided by the number of all the people and every one of them gets the resulting amount of subjective happiness an average one.
     The most important goal: There is not a single excessively-suffering human being and everybody is averagely-happy! This is a theory, but in practice we can make some steps in the direction of this ideal state:
     The most intensely suffering people would be helped by euthanasia and the rich would share their wealth with the poor. No weapons of mass destruction and a good health service. Better is a much smaller number of people on the Earth, say half a milliard (or one whole at worst), and single- or two-storey houses with premises (containing domestic animals and vegetable patches) instead of high buildings. There would only be the things that are really needed and important, which means the proper love, simple clothes and shoes, some education and so on. No wars, no poverty, no money (we would not need it any more).

     Something about relationships In the Gods (and the Godly Creatures) their positive mutual relationship is based on the sameness. Above all, they love themselves and when they are to love anybody else, he must be like them, that is a God (or a Godly Creature) with the same structure of his body. He must have identical views and the same loves. It is because the Gods (and the Godly Creatures) are complex Beings, they do not need their loved ones to be different.
     For a change, the relationship between two people is based on the combination of the sameness with the differentness. For example, an erotic relationship between a man and a woman: on the one hand the both of them are human beings (so that partly they are identical), but each of them has got the opposite gender (= the opposite "root diversion") than the other one (so that partly they are different). Each of the two is a non-complex creature that needs a potential located in somebody else, in given case in the sexual partner of the opposite gender.

     Virginity The absence of the exchange of sexual love energy with the other people of opposite gender by means of sexual organs that are connected to the root of human (conscience and) soul. In order to lose the virginity, one has to experience the exchange strongly and on a higher level, sometimes even repeatedly. It means that if the exchange was too low or none, the person in question stays a virgin even if he or she had some sexual contact with the other person of the opposite gender (please see "Uvahy o panictvi", which means "Reflections on Virginity").

     Salvation The human soul is accepted to the Heavenly World and regenerated by means of a special energetic process, after which it becomes clean (the healing stream strengthens what is good and weakens what is bad). This pure and light color is the biblical "white robe".

     Upgraded friendship It is something between an erotic & sexual love with orgasm and the friendship like we people usually understand it. During the orgasm, the amount of special "erotic particles" increases very much, whereas during a normal friendly communication between people these particles are present in a low amount only.
     In order for their production to be proper, the corresponding co-operation of male and female principle is needed. The Gods (and the Godly Creatures) have these two basic principles balanced and ideally co-operating, thus they produce the "erotic particles" in the sufficient amount themselves and to do this, they do not need anyone else. They keep them activated all the time and in the optimal amount (which is a medium one). They never reach the orgasm, yet in the total sum (when we consider their whole life) they feel better than those who use to reach it.
     The "upgraded friendship", experienced mainly by the Creatures living in the Heaven, is a relationship that has both the traits of the love between two lovers (of the opposite gender) and of that between friends. Actually, it is something between the first and the second. In fact, such a relationship is a more warmhearted friendship than the normal one, which is the best form of a relationship between two human souls.

     God He is a huge spiritual Creature looking like something between a figure and a ball, with a light color of his body. He is the manifestation of the Supergod's highest self. He dwells in the opposite part of "The God's Ring" (also "The Land of Stars", "Holy Land", "The Centre of the Universe") than in the one that is occupied by his "Holy Council". When he lives inside of this Ball, he is a God, and when he lives outside of this Ball, he is a Supergod.

     Jesus Christ The God wants to preserve himself forever the way he is and if he wanted a child, then only as the exact copy of himself. He cannot have any direct human descendant and no soul that ever was in the human body can approach him too closely, because the energy he radiates is too strong and it would kill it.
     There are Creatures that have the character of the biblical Jesus Christ - they are like him. And they can hear the prayers of people to him like it happened to me. In a distant future, these Creatures together with "The Holy Council of God" will make a war against the Hellish world (the part that the souls of Hellish people originate from) and they will win.

     The most beautiful death There is a way of dying that is strangely beautiful. When the Supergod's conscience (in fact, it deals with its transferred piece) penetrates some soul to consume her, what this soul feels during it is indescribably lovely. As His conscience goes into her deeper and deeper, she stays to be herself less and less and she starts to "become Him" more and more. The pieces of her spiritual body are dying and she begins to feel what Supergod feels. Suddenly, she wants her to be consumed by Him and to die during it. In the end, "she is a Supergod", in a perfect love with him himself, having an incredible knowledge and eternal life.


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