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The samples of my works can be downloaded from Uloz.to.

     Some of my articles can be read here: Own Self, Family and Children, The Development of Human Thinking, The Origin of Hellish Indications, The Required Bad Things, How Are Religions Made, The Mystery of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, The Defeat of Hellish Humanoid Souls, Health Care, One Name's Story, Praying to God, The Power of Astrology, Cheat with the UFO, Some Religions Are a Majority Cheat, Wise Lessons, All Main Religions Are Wrong, Compassion and Bonds in Music, Relationships and Harmony, Solution to Excessive Suffering, Visions of the Future, The Perfect Social System, Savior and Killer Called Adaptation, The Way They Rule the World, Reminder of Hell, Email, Basic Wisdom, Some Crimes of Hellish People, A Couple of Secrets, What Have I Disclosed, Unbelievable Cheats, Unexpected Action of the Individual, The Injustice of My Case, What Do We Really Need, Some Important Facts, Tricks With Blonde Women, Forenames and Surnames, What Is English Language Hiding, Happiness and Unhappiness of Particular People, Two In One and The Third One, Article, and Social Systems on Our Planet.

     You can also visit web pages Secret Signs in Movies, The Medium and view my e-book entitled "Supergod" (version 1.1)

     If interested in dogs, you can see their pictures or watch training videos.

     Download ebooks on spiritual knowledge, love and relationships, philosophy of life, religion, martial arts and dogs.

     Here is possible to download books "Amen" 4/2009 (True Christianity, the Society of Satan, Salvation), "Mozaika moudrosti" 8.0 (deep philosophy of life and spiritual knowledge) and "Tajemstvi lasky" 8.0 (love and relationships from spiritual point of view). To download these books, please click on their cover:

Amen     Mozaika moudrosti     Tajemstvi¬≠ lasky

     Content of Amen     I     Content of Mozaika moudrosti     I     Content of Tajemstvi lasky

     Currently I am working on an addition & correction for my book about love, but it is only available in Czech language. The reason is that that I do not want to spoil this writing by the low level of my English. Here you can download it in EXE or PDF format (07/23/2019).

     I have always been a combination of the real truth, given to me by the Heaven, with some erroneous opinions given to me by this lying world. And this status of a lie & truth mixture was valid for my spiritual books as well - brilliants mixed with some rubbish. I have gradually been cleaning these spiritual books of mine, preserving their original focus during it and the way by which they explain particular subjects, and, finally, I have changed them into "Candidate" versions in order to make some "dot" behind their many years' development. But it still does not mean that their entire content is true and right. Partly it is so and partly not, and, moreover, I am dealing with some things only in my later articles and in books "Supergod" and "Dalsi Tajemstvi lasky".

     Here is my latest comment that tries to join the wisdom of my old books with that of the new ones.

     "Years under psychological, energetic and chemical pressure have caused me to make some errors in my work. Above all, guilty is the treacherousness of all the Czech people and mainly that of the Christians that I have managed to acknowledge after so many years only. All through my life I was thinking that they could not behave like that."

     Another ebooks are "Degenerace psiho rodu" 16.1 and "Tajemstvi boje" 5.0. To download, click on the cover:

Degenerace psiho rodu     Tajemstvi boje

Content of Degenerace psiho rodu    I    Content of Tajemstvi boje    I    The Ideal Martial Art

     Here is a mini-ebook entitled "Caucasian Ovcharka" 2.8:

Caucasian Ovcharka

     The information introduced in my books has an extreme nature, the reader should however realize, that the fact that some information differs from all the other still does not mean, that it is untrue. For sometimes it uses to be the other way round.

     This was my first book Zablesk Pravdy (not for download):

Zablesk Pravdy

     In addition I will place here three old writings: "Moudrost" (Prof. Dr. Josef Velenovsky), "Nekonecny pribeh", and "Reportaz".

     As the last thing there are old articles: The Only Self-Improvement, Crime And Punishment and The Point in Human Life.

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